Dating secrets from my future self

#5 Say “no.” You don’t have to be the “Yes Man.” You can be the guy or girl who says no. You may have to cut some important people out of your life, but if they’re toxic, you can’t have them around. You need to set your own moral codes and follow them.

There are going to be moments when your honesty will challenge you, but that’s the ultimate test of your self-respect.Sure, you can cry, but at some point, you have to wipe those tears and keep going. You have to set your personal standards and make sure you don’t go below them *this doesn’t mean for materialistic goods.* #10 Learn to forgive yourself.[Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted] #9 Don’t settle for less. If you want to know how to respect yourself, learn to accept that all of us take the wrong path now and then.We want to see you live happily ever after ..more pain from ending up with Mr. This is a unique opportunity for you to receive mentorship in your single season. We will have Q&A, bonus teachings, girl-talk and all the FUN stuff!Think of your online dating profile as a marketing tool for love.

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