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Since I tend to journal on most of my scrapbook pages, I’m able to explain what the page is about.The title should be just a quick one or two words to let the viewer know what to expect on that page or spread. Back when I started, I wish someone told me about how important scrapbooking quotes are, because I didn’t really give them a second thought!I would get so excited about choosing the right photos and embellishments, but would only Most of my titles were handwritten ones and were located at the top of the another great source of scrapbook friend quotes and ideas.Once you've chosen the perfect quote for your friendship scrapbook layout, you may find yourself looking for a page title."I'd like to have two armies: one for display with lovely guns, tanks, little soldiers, staffs, distinguished and doddering generals, and dear little regimental officers who would be deeply concerned over their general's bowel movements or their colonel's piles, an army that would be shown for a modest fee on every fairground in the country."The other would be the real one, composed entirely of young enthusiasts in camouflage uniforms, who would not be put on display, but from whom impossible efforts would be demanded and to whom all sorts of tricks would be taught.

I have discovered that I don’t need to use long scrapbook titles.

Instead of writing out certain words, I shorten them with hyphens. I also use actual numbers instead of the spelling of numbers.

Here’s a great resource we’ve written to help you find scrapbook quotes for your pages that will make brilliant titles and journaling ideas!

For a boy’s page, I’ve cut out letters from sandpaper for a fun look and texture.

[cta id=’12711′] Experiment with your scrapbook titles and try different ideas.

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