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She’s not keeping it tight, she doesn’t laugh at your jokes, she stops prettying herself up for you.

This is a bad sign and you shouldn’t be guilty of it, either.

This is really an extension of #4, but we’re going for 100 here, so bear with me.

The truth is, this extends beyond jealousy into something deeper.

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Every woman should have only one or two pieces of “fuck me” underwear. If she talks about everyone else behind their backs, I guarn-damn-tee you she’s talking behind yours. Having a girlfriend who likes to party can be fun early on in the relationship. If she’s still knocking them back like a sorority girl on spring break, you might want to start looking elsewhere.

Rewarding you with sex for gifts or vacations may seem like a fair trade, but once she realizes she can use it to get what she wants, it’s all over for you, my man.

She doesn’t think she’s good enough for anything, not her job, not her friends and not you.Everything is about what she wants and needs, and yours don’t matter.That’s not to say it should be all about you, either.If you’re the generous sort (and you really should be), you’ll start out giving her gifts and such, because you want to make her happy.But if she comes to expect that as a defining characteristic of the relationship, it means she’s greedy.

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