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She has performed and acted on film, television and web series.

She also facilitates writing workshops for inner-city youth and was named in 2005 by El Diario/ La Prensa as one of the 50 most distinguished Latinas.

Her novels and poems are used by colleges and universities to engage in challenging topics, such as race, gender and sexuality She is the Speaker of the New York City Council – the first Puerto Rican and Latina to hold the position – and represents a district encompassing El Barrio/ East Harlem and the South Bronx.

She is a graduate of Columbia University and has worked in labor and human rights issues.

A member of the influential Canales family of Jayuya, Torresola was a teacher and revolutionary, playing a leading role in the 1950 Nationalist Insurrection, where she declared the Second Republic. La Bruja is a Bronx born and raised poet and actress who started performing at the Nuyorican Poets Café.She also helped found the University of Puerto Rico campuses in San Juan and Mayagüez.An educator and organizer, Pantoja founded the educational institution ASPIRA in 1961, Boricua College in 1970, and several other organizations and institutions throughout her life.Called the “Hell Lady of the Bronx” for her fierce advocacy on behalf of Puerto Rican, Black and other historically oppressed peoples in New York City.She fought for bilingual education, community control of public schools, the creation and survival of Hostos Community College, and founded the community institution United Bronx Parents in 1965. In 1960, she helped establish the island’s first center of care for newborn babies and in 1970 she became the head of pediatrics at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx.

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