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You can check out the video of Sway’s full interview with Kris below.

After settling his beef with a fellow Toronto rapper, Drake might be BIG mad to learn that his former nemesis is getting close to his ex.

And I’ve enjoyed that wild side of his personality as well.

He’s got a side where he’s very definite, and he’s powerful, and he’s an amazing person.

Whether it’s being called gay, accused of being gay, accused of a thief, accused of being anything or somebody’s lying [about] you and saying something about you that’s not true, it just doesn’t feel good …

I have such compassion for gay people now more than ever.

Murphy, 55, who recently welcomed a daughter with 36-year-old Butcher, sported an all-black ensemble to the premiere while Butcher opted for a formfitting, pink dress.

Bria donned a tan, silk wrap-around romper, Shayne flaunted her fit figure in a tight, red dress, while Nicole opted for a loose-fitting (and cleavage-flaunting) patterned dress.

I think what happened was…I hadn’t read the article but it was a joke. On not being worried about color when her daughters get into relationships: I think that for me, and I’ve always raised my kids this way but it’s all about the person on the inside. Everyone is welcome in my family, in my house, in my heart…as long as you connect with somebody.

So, we called this guy, he brought out his machine, strapped down to take a lie detector test.

I wrote down questions, I made her write down questions …

Momager Kris recently stopped by Shade 45’s “Sway In The Morning” show and she opened up to Sway about witnessing the crazy side of Kanye, rumors that she told Khloe she needed a nose job as a child and more.

On whether or not she’s witnessed Kanye’s crazy side: Well you know, he is an artist and he is a performer and he actually just finished the US tour.

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