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Polite, such a gentleman," she later told "When I met Charlie, he truly was, in my eyes, the man I wanted to have a life with. It didn't last with Sambora, but Richards told , "Being with Richie was the first time I could be myself with someone. And he brought a sense of happiness to my home that hadn't been there in a long time. That would have been a big price to pay for just some rebound fling."That year was a bumpy one all around, part of it spent hammering out a custody arrangement with Sheen, who long before his pre-"winning" meltdown was volatile and difficult to get along with anyway.

I was ignorant to a lot of different things in his past, but I believe everyone deserves a second chance," Richards explained on in 2008 when Joy Beharexpressed skepticism that the actress couldn't guess what she was getting into by marrying Charlie Sheen."I didn't know that person," Richards insisted, referring to the person who accidentally shot ex-girlfriend Kelly Prestonin the arm, had a history of substance abuse and was a known patron of Heidi Fleiss' VIP escort service. Richards first filed for divorce in 2005, while she was six months pregnant with Lola, but they reconciled and tried counseling.

Anyway last year The Enquirer was claiming that these two were together over the summer, I had forgotten about that.

They were first linked in 2006, broke up about a year later, and now they’re supposedly together yet again, according to The Enquirer’s sister site, Radar Online.

I doubt they’ve been together since last summer this go-round.

I bet Denise just calls her tabloid contacts whenever she has dinner with Richie. Bombshell beauty Denise Richards is back together with her ex-boyfriend Richie Sambora, Radar has exclusively learned.

If you want to keep the peace between the both of you, you’ll need to give them some space and don’t cross any lines you shouldn’t.

Related: Heather Locklear: What Is She Running From? Don’t judge his or her new partner choices: Eventually, your ex will most likely move on with someone new.

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Richards, 40, and Sambora, 52, dated in 2006 following their divorces from Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear, respectively, but broke up in 2007. It definitely looks like things are getting serious for these two -- what do you think about the musicians' PDA packed appearance?Tell toofab in the comment section below and click "Launch Gallery" above to see even more surprising celebrity couples!Related: Richie Sambora Loves Denise Richards More for Adopting 3.Stay in communication: Just because you and your ex-honey are no longer an item it doesn’t mean you can’t still talk and keep tabs on one another.

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