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Also, consider adding props — a cowboy hat or fedora, or any type of clothing that reflects your personality.Lines like “Angelina Jolie lookalike” won’t give you much credibility in the rest of your ad. Likewise, lines like “Wealthy entrepreneur wants to fulfill your wildest dreams” won’t attract anyone and will make you look suspicious.Not responding is a common--and considered acceptable--way for someone to indicate that they are not interested at this point in the online dating process.A writer and professional lab assistant based in Seattle, Kate Bruscke has been writing professionally about health care and technology since 1998.It doesn't have to be, if you follow some basic rules of etiquette and common sense. It can be exciting to find an ad that sparks your interest, but think of the classifieds as a buffet--you don't want to fill your plate with the first tasty item you see.

If you’re a “Casablanca” fan, consider writing a few fun sentences in the voice of Rick Blaine (the Humphrey Bogart character). Likewise, if you’re a “Da Vinci Code” fan, talk about the Dan Brown books you admire. Talk about places you’ve been and why you love them — but don’t talk about taking your potential date there, as this veers into extravagant promises you should avoid (see below).

Tell them a little something about yourself that you think may interest them, based on their ad, but do not include personal information such as your full name, address or phone number.

You may want to end the email with a general, non-threatening question--nothing too specific--that gives them an opener to use in their reply.

One more tip: If you’re looking for online dating ads, you’ll definitely want to check out Classified

Whether you’re looking for apartments for rent, items to buy or personal dating ads, you’ll find thousands of listings from all over the country — and if you want to post a listing yourself (or reply to one), it’s absolutely free.

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