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A split second later, Clarisse arrives with the Greeks and declares war on the Romans for firing on Camp Half-Blood.Before the two armies fight, however, Reyna arrives with the statue of Athena Parthenos and tells the Greeks and Romans to join forces and defeat Gaea's monsters.He also heals Annabeth Chase after she was wounded while defending Percy Jackson.Will fought bravely for the Olympians, and survived the battle.It was said that Will was absently wrapping and unwrapping an Ace bandage around his wrist.

He starts to ask Nico why he hadn't visited him when he was helping the injured to even help or say "hello," leaving Nico confused and flustered.

He is currently in a relationship with Nico di Angelo.

He is fifteen years old Will Solace becomes the head counselor of the Apollo cabin after his half-brother, Michael Yew, goes missing in action (assumed to be dead).

He is later seen at dinner explaining why Nico was sitting with them.

He is paired with Nico for the three-legged death race, after which he tends to the injuries, such as reattaching Paolo's severed leg and mending Valentina's broken arm.

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