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Thousands of Laotians fled to Thailand where they were placed in refugee camps.

While there was some migration from Laos to the United States prior to 1975, the immigrants were so few that there is no official record of them.

The Lao kingdom reached its height in the late 1600s, under King Souligna Vongsa.

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Approximately 85 to 90 percent of employed persons in Laos work in subsistence agriculture.

Located in Southeast Asia, Laos measures approximately 91,400 square miles (236,800 square kilometers), making it slightly larger than the state of Utah.

The country shares its borders with Thailand in the southwest, Cambodia in the south, Burma in the west, China in the north, and Vietnam in the east.

Each kingdom struggled for power, causing the weakened Lao states to become vulnerable to the more powerful nations of Siam (Thailand) and Vietnam.

While the Siamese took Vientiane, the Vietnamese took other parts of Laos.

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