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Is there a book that you recommend to people who want to learn more about cheese? In Paris, I usually ask for three to four different kinds of cheese. If I'm putting together a plate as part of our tasting menu, I usually include six to eight different kinds of cheese.I like to include all three milks - cow, sheep and goat - and different styles.I found that I had a head for cheese, or perhaps I should say a nose for cheese. With regards to cheese, what changes have you noticed during the last 30 years? Americans are a lot more open to new ideas and tastes.There has been a cheese revolution in this country.As a Swiss-by-marriage, I have to ask which is your favorite Swiss cheese? The name means "sitting in a cellar" because it's aged for ten months. It has been fairly exciting to grow with the cheese revolution in New England, to be able to support so many wonderful local cheese makers and to watch as they improve their craft.That varies but lately I've been loving Chällerhocker from the canton of St. American cheese has really caught up with European cheese, not in every instance but they've learned really, really quickly.Is there a cheese that you would like to bring to the USA but that you think wouldn't be appreciated by your customers? It would probably be something as basic as an unpasteurized Brie or Camembert.

Camemberts and Bries will almost always be made from pasteurized milk if they're imported. There was some sort of a health scare about it in Boston recently.

That applies to cheeses that are both made in this country and that are imported.

Therefore, it has become much easier for European cheese makers to pasteurize the cheese if they're sending it to this country.

How much of your time do you spend visiting cheese makers in Europe and the United States? I probably get to Vermont more often than anyplace else. There are definitely more Italian cheeses than anything else at the festival but there will also be American cheese makers showing their cheeses.

I like to visit farms in New England so I do that with some frequency. I've probably traveled in Italy more than I have in other countries in Europe. I haven't noticed American cheese at the markets in Paris.

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