Dating advice for thirty somethings

Like in my case, it seems like everyone just assumes I'm ready to walk down the aisle next week. Just because I no longer want to date someone for five years before talking about where things are going, doesn't mean I want to marry somebody next month. It really depends on the individual, not based on age or anything else. Specifically on Tinder (because Bumble hasn't really gotten popular here yet), people are definitely unfiltered. which I guess is the same ratio at which you'd say no to most people you meet in real life.

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Please continue to do fun things on your own or with your friends. I recently tried belly dancing and signed up for archery -- all while still working and hanging out with people in between.We know you’re excited there’s been consecutive sunny days and want to drink as much sparkling Rose you can get your freshly manicured hands on, but don’t over do it ladies.You don’t want to slur too much when just meeting someone, roll an ankle or get sick all over him and your new shirtdress. We get that the pain of student loans could still be draining part of your pay check every month, but it’s not attractive to act entitled when first meeting a guy.If you have good friends who really get and understand you, certainly they have some sort of idea who you'll get along with. How come we're attracted to the same kinds of guys all the time? In the end, wherever you are at this moment, you are completely, perfectly fine. I may still not know that much, but at least I know that I do'’t know that much anyway about this whole existence or the meaning of it all.If we can just remain open to life, enjoy it as much as we can, regardless of our relationship status, life is good. Our time is so finite and limited, if we waste it too much on worrying, then blip!

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