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Lonely can haunt a deserted room that laughter once made proud.

Lonely surrounds you when you're alone or finds you in a crowd.

Not sure if it's anything like myspace or not, but I'm going to treat it as if I'm typing one of my blogs on myspace. All my life, I've always thought there was someone for everyone. My only question I can really ask here real? I'm trying to not let my lack of friends...define me as being "lonely." For one can be alone, but not necessarily lonely. The echo of glass breaking, The sound of my mother screaming, And me still emotionless as I lay. --- Most people of their eyes and brains on money and job,works,possitions,face-values.careless on lessure and friends. Loneliness Depending on the type of person you are,loneliness can be a result of circumstance or personal choice,others however are just surrounded by the wrong people and if you can recognize that then you can start the process of changing your life and thats when inner strength comes into play because changing the known into the unknown can be the scariest thing you do A Lonely Tear Falls Down A lonely tear falls down A smile turns to frown Trickles down the cheek Does not make you weak A lonely tear escapes A lifetime of mistakes A sad and lonely heart Others broke apart A lonely tear is dried So many nights it cried A friend reached out their hand And tried to understand The lonely tear is gone Life will carry on With love from a friend The lonely tears will end Lonely Road Of Faith Lonely Road Of Faith So many dreams have falling, somewhere along the way, so many broken promises, so many wasted days, if only I could turn back the clock, relive this life once more, would things really be better? or would I still journey alone, trying to find my way, through this world to you, would we be together, would we meet along the way, somewhere on this, Lonely Road Of Faith Loneliness.... My hands involuntarily go to my breasts, and my nipples begin to harden under the satin.

Lonely penetrates the solitude of nights that will not end. And on goes the torment, now changed, but the same But I know one day youll be happy again So wait for that moment, it will happen, I know But for now, just sit back, relax, A Lonely Waltz.... And for me I have now been swallowed by the darkness. A Lonely Man Seaking UHello I am a man sexy and friendly to all who respect me. Well my yahoo messager id is eastsun_99 So I like web surfing and chat there on yahoo.Selah - Psalms 61: 2-5Lonely I have a boyfriend He was great to start But now its totally different I try not overreacting But its so hard not to When hes not here All I feel is lonliness When we are together It all seems perfect The calls are shorter Text come less and less I dont understand Where it went wrong I love him to death But how can I be taken Yet ever so lonely Lone Lobeto cry a tormented heart cannot lie amongst the heartz, do not i die?Whether or not I, personally, can be alone and not lonely is a completely different issue. So I am lonely because I live for happy and enjoy life what God arranged for us. Have u ever had 1 of those days when u feel like no one is there, Have u ever wished u could just hear the words I love u and I still care? I love the feel of this teddy, and slowly glide my hands over it.Whether or not I can be lonely and not let on that I'm lonely, is also something different. And at this point in my life with someone for over a year is coming to an end..part of me dies.."in-love," happy, hopeful and romantic part of me dies... I would like real hugs met here in my location and exchange views,help each others,learn from each others. Have u ever needed someone u miss them so much ur heart cries, Have u ever wanted to trust so much u believed all the simple lies? There's no use in trying to force myself to sleep, so I sit up and light a cigarette. Their fragrance somehow makes me feel a little less lonely. Lying back down, I look over at the roses and my thoughts drift back to last night. Returning to my breasts, I run my thumbs over my nipples, and gently pinch them.

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