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One group ate what they normally ate, and the other was forced to eat itty bitty meals.

Four weeks later, the people eating itty bitty meals had reduced their stomach size .

So we assume that we’re supposed to force-feed ourselves, but that’s a terrible time, and it gives us underwhelming results anyway.

So after grinding out a typical bulking diet for a few weeks, feeling miserably the whole way through, we inevitably give up.

In a 2001 study researchers discovered that people with larger stomachs were more likely to be obese, and that the people with the largest stomachs were able to binge on massive amounts of food each meal.

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As ectomorphs, we tend to have narrower torsos and shallower rib cages.

This leaves less room for our organs, and our stomachs are the organs that wind up seeing the greatest reduction in size.

They also argue that people with thick builds are good at conserving heat and hibernating, making endomorphs great for surviving harsh arctic winters.

If you look at populations who evolved in Northern climates, such as the Inuit, you’ll notice that they tend to be short and thick—perfect for the cold.

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