Dating a photograph

First, the image had a more natural appearance than the black-base of the tintype.

And since the materials were cheaper and easier to work with, prices of photographs continued to fall.

The most accurate and fortunately the easiest features to identify are listed here in order of most importance: This is one of the easiest and most dependable dating techniques. Then rounded corners, much less susceptible to damage were introduced.

Caution: Many square cards have been rounded through handling and wear.

, a cost-effective way to get an expert opinion on your photo mystery.In the early 1870s, much thicker lines came into vogue, and then disappeared again later in the decade.Until the late 1860s the background was either void or consisted of only a chair, small table, or other object which the subject used to steady themselves.Look for even, sharp corners to decide if it was round or square.Also, some cards were hand trimmed by the owner, usually at an angle for easy placement in albums.

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