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You basically end up only dating the men that fall into your net; you don’t have any choice besides the men that decide to approach you, or the ones you meet between your group of friends. Of waiting around and hoping for that cute guy to approach you because he sees you looking at him. and let’s not forget they must also rely on their physical beauty to initially charm him.

Final Conclusions I feel that women have it a lot harder than men.

1 - Not All Men That Approach Women Are…Good apples!

A woman that is average looking will often get approached by men especially if she has a good attitude.

I mean, without feeling superbly attracted to a woman and without getting attached to her afterward.

We can usually distinguish between a woman we would only have sex with from one we consider relationship material.

Honestly, I find women have a lot harder time than men, why?

For instance: I believe women get more approach by these type of men rather than the James Bonds that they want2 - Women Don’t Think Like Men For most men what I just described before may still sound pretty darn hot!

They imagine, “I’d definitely have sex with a drunk woman that approached me in a nightclub; or that hot horny granny that is 69 years old”. The fact is men can have sex with a woman like they were eating cereal for breakfast.

Actually, women seem to love men that have slept with a lot of women.

If their female friend has already made a test run on a guy they will most often want to try him too.

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