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In men, the research shows, height and salary are key.

Ariely said that a 5-foot, 9-inch tall man like himself would need to add another ,000 a year to his annual income to hold the same attraction as another guy who stands 5'10". “More educated men are more desirable,” said Ariely. Women who are more educated don't necessarily get any more attractive in online dating.” For some singles, the idea of reducing romantic attraction to an algorithm may seem too simplistic.

Four and a half decades after they were hitched by an IBM mainframe, Michael and Mina Jo Linver are still married.

“That was the beginning of what turned out to be an incredible relationship for the rest of my life,” he said. “We like to say that opposites attract and then later on they attack.” Marriage-minded and straight-laced At e Harmony, Gonzaga said he focuses on appealing to the marriage-minded and the straight-laced.

At one point the company claimed some 40 million registered users.

Some industry analysts say the pool of active users is more like 750,000.

And that gap causes tremendous disappointment.” That doesn’t make for an auspicious start, especially since, according to Ariely, setting up each of those cups of coffee takes an average six hours of online drudgery.

It's almost 100,000 couples a year.” Those numbers are hard to substantiate. “You usually get seven people, and he was literally the first one that I opened up.” Among other compatible traits, e Harmony found that Steve and Sally both tend to be more introverted, have strong anger management skills, and a sense of romance. But it’s not at all clear that kind of success is typical.In his late teens, he was hospitalized for three years with a bad burn injury as he healed, he worried that his value in the dating market had plummeted.“I knew my place in the social hierarchy before I got burned,” he said.“So you look at all those tens of thousands of people, what are you going to do?It's overwhelming.” Instead, e Harmony’s algorithm doles out just a few matches per customer per day. Computers are not good with emotions and feelings, said Essas.

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