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Two previously undiscovered pits have been found in the Stonehenge Cursus which point to it once being used as a place of sun worship long before the stones were erected.

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Thankfully, the question of whether astronomy was practiced is now beyond debate, and the doors are open for us to discover the extent of this important development in human awareness.'From Brodgar, where there was once 60 stones, to the Stripple stones with a probable thirty, the builders may have counted in multiples of six. The inner and outer rings at Balfarg have been computed at twenty-four and twelve respectively.Twenty-four has been suggested for Cairnpappel, thirty-six for Arbor Low, and the same number for the devils quoits'.There are 86 notches on the tablet, a number that has two special meanings.First, it is the number of days that must be subtracted from a year to equal the average number of days of a human gestation. It is also the number of days that one of Orions two prominent stars, Betelguese, is visible.

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