Crackhead psoriasis

I used to have this problem and feared even paper cuts because they turn into psoriasis spots, but that doesn't happen often anymore.

Sometimes ingrown hair spots will turn into psoriasis but that's it for me now, thank God.

It wasn't till I heard about the koebner phenomenon and learning that I could be making my psoriasis spread did I stop doing it.

I think I should see a dermatologist to see whether there are more efficient treatments now, but this one does nothing anymore. Well what I want to say is this: I scrape my legs with a sharp knife and it makes me feel better about myself. With the flakes and dead skin, I gather them (won't let this just lie around on the floor would I? I usually burn it in a thin aluminum spoon held over the stove fire.It's just so satisfying, and the pain is a nice distraction from the crippling depression.You know the port covers on the back of a PC for pci slots that are not in use? I used to tie bottle caps to back scratchers because the regular back scratcher wasn't enough.I am not sure if you're and anxious person or not, but taking to professionals is generally really relaxed and safe.When you tell them about these behaviors, they aren't going to label you, hospitalize you, etc..

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