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Moreover, there was also rumor that Matthew was dating with Friends co-star Courtney Cox. He has a brother: Willy Morrison, and four sisters: Madeleine Morrison, Caitlin Morrison, Emily Morrison, Mia Perry.Furthermore, he was also seen with many other girls. When he became fifteen years old, he lived with his father in Los Angeles. He studied at Rockcliffe Park Public School and Ashbury College.It’s worth noting, the tabloid doesn’t really flesh out its phony premise. Is the idea that Perry has always had a crush on Cox? Courteney Cox via Twitter" width="608" height="608" srcset="https:// https:// https:// https:// https:// https:// https:// sizes="(max-width: 608px) 100vw, 608px" /has been seeking solace in the arms of her former co-star and long-time friend Matthew Perry.Matthew, 46, played the lovable Chandler Bing alongside Courteney’s obsessive-compulsive character Monica Geller for a decade.

An article in this week’s , which was later posted by Radar Online, says the actor has been using dating apps to find women that resemble his former “Friends” co-star.

We mean, the timing was just perfect since Miz Cox confirmed earlier this month that she had ended her engagement to Snow Patrol‘s Johnny Mc Daid.

We just feel bad for the NUMEROUS fans that took to Twitter to send their support (below) to the rumored couple.

Unfortunately, it seems these reports are not accurate.

According to one source, the relationship rumors are simply false. Related: Courteney & Johnny’s Breakup Details HERE We aren’t the only ones devastated to learn this recent update as many fans were hoping that Monica and Chandler were together IRL!

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