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She was represented by B&M Models in Toronto, appearing in a 2007 ad campaign for MXM , modeling for Torrid, and campaigns for Nygard. Out of the whole original group, Shane’s the only one to return to Paige Michalchuk was the popular girl everyone hated but secretly wanted to be.Sometimes she redeemed herself, other times we were rooting against her.So, no one is probably missing Rick Murray much, but we’ve always wondered what happened to him.I mean, he contributed to one of the biggest moments on the show ever (See: Jimmy Brooks getting shot).

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We were sad to see her go, but we’re happy to know that she’s still great friends with Lauren Collins and Adamo Ruggiero.

But there were plenty of others present like Mia (Nina Dobrev), Marco (Adamo Ruggiero), Paige (Lauren Collins), Ellie (Stacey Farber), Craig (Jake Epstein), Hazel (Andrea Lewis), Connor (A. Saudin), Principal Archie Simpson (Stefan Brogren) and many others.

Throughout the video, you get a sense of each character’s personalities and dynamics like Emma and Manny, Danny and Marc and the underrated lovebirds, Jimmy and Hazel.

was a phenomenon, spanning 14 seasons, 373 episodes, and literally hundreds of actors throughout its 15 year run.

While some alumni of Degrassi High weren't exactly the most memorable, others have had a lasting effect on viewers, teaching them important lessons and imparting life advice they'll take with them forever.

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