Config options for updating win xp updating kitchen floors

I guess it tries to use the win-builds-provided GCC but fails to do so because of paths and fallbacks to the cygwin one.If you continue to have issues, could you send me the file?What I'm am trying for find out how to do, is complile a package which was originally developed on Linux to a Microsoft Windows platform, using the standard toolchain provided with the Win-Builds' environment. Thanks REF: hey Basically, I installed MSYS (and only it, not Min GW) with the installer from Min, then i installed win-builds.See : (I'm the one who provided to Adrien the first draft of the installation of win-builds in MSYS.

The configure script is finding and using the Cygwin environment, which I think is not want should be done.Please tell us what libraries or kinds of libraries are you talking about? are you invoking the MSYS/Win-Builds configure build chain from within a Cygwin environment or not?Are you using provided "configure" shell scripts with the libraries?I am new to win-builds and mingw64 Platform is: MS Windows XP SP3.I have the latest cygwin installed and the new win-builds separately installed.

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