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According to Friedman (2010) the first version of globalization, or globalization 1.0, started when Christopher Columbus discovered that the world was round. This capability and power has not gone unnoticed by celebrities, who are highly aware of the impact their social media accounts have on fans and...

The second version of globalization or globalization 2.0 began during the industrial revolution, and the final version, globalization 3.0 started in early 2000. Read Article »Since its development, You Tube, the world's third most popular online destination, has transformed from a video-sharing site into a job opportunity for content creators in both new and mainstream media. Read Article »Today, more than 15 million Americans practice yoga, making the ancient Indian discipline synonymous with the Western society's culture of wellness.

The increasingly advanced technology has enabled people around the world to link up with superior speed and ease.

One of the newly popular communication technologies spreading across the globe is wireless Internet.

In addition to social networking sites that allow people of all ages to connect on a global level, there are also computer-mediated programs such as Skype that allow for face-to-face communication.

Similar to that of social networking sites, this technological innovation has also reached a variety of generations. Computer-mediated communication: social interaction and the internet.

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A 30-question online survey was administered at Texas State University, producing a random sample of 578 respondents, to which 38 used Tinder and participated in this research.

The term globalization was coined in the 1980’s to encapsulate the occurrence of developing interconnectedness of world’s population (Cissna, 2009, p.257). Because the Internet has brought fundamental shifts to news distribution, successful organizations of the future...

This interconnectedness has led to an increased interest in globalization. However, the rapidly increasing access to the Internet has broadened its reach and intensified its pace. Read Article »Instagram allows users to share a snapshot of their lives with a mass audience in a matter of seconds.

Globalization 3.0 coupled with computer-mediated communication established a concrete communication network devoted to advancing social connectedness, accessing academic information, and dominating the business world. As a way to market themselves, practitioners and instructors of yoga have utilized Instagram &ndash... These adjectives may come to mind when thinking of the best places to work. This study evaluated internal communications in companies deemed "Best Places to Work" by the Triangle...

In addition to these main functions of globalization and computer-mediated communication, Friedman (2010) has deduced that with each version of globalization, the world gets smaller and more connected (p.2). Routledge handbook of applied communication research. Read Article »In 2014, Greenpeace launched an attack on a 50-year brand partnership between Danish toy company LEGO and Royal Dutch Shell, an oil and gas corporation.

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