Child custody dating rehab

The kids are not allowed to call any third party Mother or Father and must be immediately corrected if they do.The parents are not allowed to disparage each other or allow others to do so within earshot of the children.Her mother will supervise visits in Monck’s Corner and Nancy Dennis (Kathryn’s Aunt) will supervise visits in Mount Pleasant.This arrangement is Phase One of the visitation agreement.In the event of a relapse, the entire process begins again at Phase One.Kensie has some sort of therapy every Monday morning.Kathryn has to pay Thomas child support in the amount of 0 a month.

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Side note, the document states that Kensie was born in Florida. Kathryn gets the children on Thanksgiving and Christmas on odd numbered years with the restrictions outlined by whatever phase she is in.Thomas requests the test via the wizard and Kathryn must be tested within 24 hours of his posted request so she must check the system at least daily.Failure to test within 24 hours will be treated as a failed test and return her to Phase One.During this phase she will have supervised visits every other weekend. Kathryn must continue to pass drug and alcohol tests in order to Keep these visitation rights. If any visitations are missed, she must complete eight visits before moving to the next phase.Actually this phase will last until she has passed six months of hair follicle tests; however, the agreement also says this phase will last until October 15th. Phase Three is the same as phase two with the addition of 8 hours of unsupervised visitation on Sundays.

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