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The following Remarks of Reference, vvith the work itself, will enable the reader to form some idea of the construction of the language. The Alphabet consists of seventeen single and three double consonants, and seven vowels — a, e, i, 0, V, w, y.

INTRODUCTION TO THE REMARKS, TO WHICH ARE ANNEXED FIGURES OF REFERENCE. Of the consonants, fifteen are mutable — h, c, ch, d,f, g, j, k, m, p, q, s, sh, si, t.

It is obvious, that when tribes of men are intermixed who speak different lan- guages, a great part of the knowledge which man should afford his neighbour must be diminished.

The Magistrate cannot address his suitors, — the Pastor his flock, but through the imperfect medium of an interpreter.

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; and when circumflexed, as in maroo, sarey, is sounded as in matron. I cannot express it better than by a word which I would write or spell egh or egg-yth, and a, cha (not) ; and which sound would go through with the vowels, thus : egh e, CHE ; egh i, cm ; egh o, cno ; egh it, cut ; egh y, cay, and with chla, chle, &c. The letter S, apostrophized before adjec- tives and participles, I think is an abreviation of s Moo, by which the degrees of comparison are shown throughout the language ; first, the posi- tive, Fi RRi NAGH (true) ; secondly, a degree above the positive; as, s'firrinagh (howtrue) ; thirdly, the comparative, ny s'pirrinee (more true) ; fourthly, the superlative, yn raa s'firhivee (the truest saying). T, beginning words radically, has three initials, viz.: t, h, and d ; as, towse (a measure) ; E Hows E (his measure) ; nyn dowse tyour, &c. — Cheet (coming), changes to hain'k, dain'k, hig, JIG, HARK, DARR, HEET, JEET, TAR. If the following work should contribute in the smallest degree to advance so important an end, the Compiler will have reason to regard his labour as well bestowed. I AM well aware that the utility of the following work will be variousl}* appreciated by my brother Manksmen. Some will be disposed to deride the endeavour to restore vigour to a decaying language. /Ol \V ^.; A DICTIONARY MANKS LANGUAGE, WITH THE CORRESPONDING WORDS OR EXPLANATIONS IN ENGLISH; INTERSPERSED WITH MANY GAELIC PROVERBS : THE PARTS OF SPEECH, THE GENDERS, AND THE ACCENTS OF THE MANKS WORDS ARE CAREFULLY MARKED ; WITH SOME ETYMOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED. Baillym dy loayragh shiu ooilley lesh Glaraghyn, &c.— St. The consequence of this neglect has been, that numerous corruptions have crept into the dialect in general use, and so many anglicisms been adopted, that the Manks is now seldom spoken or written in its original purity. QUIGGIN, NORTH-QUAY; WHITTAKER, TREACHER, AND ARNOT, LONDON; EVANS, CHEGWIN, AND HALL, LIVERPOOL. That a language so venerable for its antiquity and so estimable on many accounts should be so generally neglected, is much^ to be lamented.

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