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First I'd like to point out the names of certain parts. These numbers are taken right out of Browning's Parts List so, they are the same terms that Browning would use.20 Firing Pin Cross Pin38 Inertia Mass40 Locking Cam41 Locking Cam Screw44 Locking Pin Left (the right one is #45)48 Rocker49 Rocker Pin54 Sear Link67 Striker Left (the right one is #70)69 Striker Nut71 Striker Spring76 Top Lever81 Top Lever Spring82 Top Lever Spring Stop90 Trigger Link I forgot to number it, but the part left of #81 and above #41 is the Trigger Disconnector (#87). The adjustable comb required a modification to the stock so, my bolt is unique. In this position, the Rockers will be very difficult to remove due to that pressure from the Striker. Here's the same pic again so you don't have to scroll up: The Rockers have to come out in order to remove anything. As the punch is removed, take the Rockers out gently. The Rockers have the same part number, they look the same to the naked eye, and they will interchange. To get the Firing pins out, drift out the Firing Pin Cross Pin (#20). Now the Strikers, Striker Springs, Cocking Levers and Cocking Links can be removed. My stock takes a 6mm Allen, but it is not the original stock bolt. This is what your receiver should look like from the right side. When the Top Lever is moved to open the gun, the Trigger Disconnector presses back on the rockers at the top: (see point A)This in turn puts pressure on the Striker at the bottom. As the pin is driven out, the punch will retain the Rockers. With the Rockers removed, there is access to the Firing Pins. The Firing Pins and Springs will now drop out easily.Were Buildit, the innovative product manufacturing people.From concept to manufacturing to delivering it to your warehouse, distributors, or stores, we can handle it all or just a part.You did a great job with both the writing and the photos.I am very impressed with the pics, because I have tried and could not do that well. I believe I used this setup to get those pics: However, I have upgraded to a Nikon D5100 and a better tripod.

The right one will come out as soon as the retaining screw is removed.

Then back it off until the first slot lines up with the hole for the new cotter pin.

This is why the Cocking rods and Cocking Levers should come out: All the places pointed to in this pic will collect dirt.

For the last 35 years, we have been developing and producing some of the most unique and efficient products for the food service industry.

We specialize in producing stainless steel small wares, but we have worked with materials ranging from titanium to plastics. We think of each project as a work in progress, fine tuning along the way, until the final product is the perfect fit for your needs. We will make the required changes to make sure the process continues to be efficient.

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