Chat sites like excite chat

In 1995 AOL acquired Ubique, which was described by AOL as a client-server software architecture allowing people to virtually meet and interact.In 1998 IBM acquired Ubique from AOL and from Ubique's founders; Virtual Places presence and instant messaging components became part of Sametime technology, an IBM solution for corporate communication and collaboration. Chatters pay a nominal monthly fee to use the service.

As the avatars are downloaded, interleaved with conversation, one by one the hour glasses convert to individual pictures.The time this takes varies depending on the connection.Each chat connection from client to server is persistent.The service remained and drew at its peak tens of thousands of concurrent chatters at Excite.When Excite (later merged with @Home to become [email protected]) crashed at the end of the dot com boom, a group of former Excite employees acquired the rights to use the software and launched

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