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S.) CBT (1)Computer-based training CBT (2)Combat CBTS Computer-based training system CBW (1)Chemical & Biological (warfare) CBW (2)Constant bandwidth CC (1)Transmission is in Standard Chinese ("Mandarin") CC (2)Command & Control CC (3)Command Center CC (4)Control Center CC (5)Commander CC (6)Computer controller CC (7)Copies CC (8)C Compiler (unix) CC cloud-cloud lightning CC&D Camouflage, concealment and deception CC&R Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions; what you check before buying a home if you intend to build an antenna there CCAS Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL, formerly CCAFS CCC (1)Central computer complex CCC (2)Communications control complex CCC (3)Consolidated Command Center (NORAD) CCD Charge Coupled Device CCDM Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Meter CCDS Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Second CCE (1)Command & control element CCE (2)Consultative Committee on Electricity CCEMRI Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiations CCG Calibration Coordination Group CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee, now ITU-R CCIRID Charge-coupled infrared imaging device CCITT Comite Consultatif International de Telegraphique et Telephonique (International Telegraph & Telephone Consultative Committee), obsolescent CCL Common Command Language CCM Counter-countermeasures CCMC Canadian Centre for Maritime Communications CCP Console Command Processor, part of CP/M CCPC Civil Communications Planning Committee (NATO) CCSL cirrocumulus standing lenticular cloud CCTV Closed Circuit Television CCV Code change verifier CCW (1)Counter-clockwise CCW (2)Command & Control Warfare CCW (3)Continuous Carrier Wave CCW (4)Coherent CW CCW (5)Class C CW biasing (most efficient) CD (1) Compact Disc CD (2) Civil Defense (in U.S., now FEMA) CD (3) Carrier detect (modem line) CD-DA Compact Disc Digital Audio (format, part of the "Red Book") CD-I Compact Disc - Interactive (one format in the "Green Book") CD-R Compact Disc - Recordable CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory CD-ROM XA CD-ROM e Xtended Architecture, extends the "Yellow Book" CD-RTOS Compact Disc - Real Time Operating System (CD-I) CDA (1)Central distribution amplifier CDA (2)Command & data acquisition CDB Command data buffer CDC (1)Canadian Department of Communications CDC (2)Centers for Disease Control (US) CDC (3)Control Data Corporation CDF (1)Common Data Format CDF (2)California Division of Forestry (fire fighters) CDHF Central Data Handling Facility CDIS Canadian Defence Intelligence Staff CDM Chemical Downwind Message (US Army) CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CDNU Control Display Navigation Unit CDR (1)Commander CDR (2)Command destruct receiver (Stratcom) CDRAM Cache Dynamic Random Access Memory CDS Canadian Defence Staff CDT Central (US) Daylight Time CDU Control display unit (fancy "control head") CE (1)Conformite Europeanne (European Conformity); mark put on products for EEC CE (2)Committee that sets these requirements CEC Commission of the European Communities (drafts "CE" standards) CEC Cooperative Engagement Capability CECOM US Army Communications Electronics Command CENTCOM U. Central Command CEOI Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions CEP Central East Pacific (MWARA) CEPPO Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office CEPT Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administrations (EU) CEPTAG Civil Emergency Planning Telecommunications Advisory Group (Joint US/Canadian) CERN Centre Europ'eene por la Recherche Nucleaire, Center for European Nuclear Research, huge particle accelerator center, WWW originated there CERT Computer Emergency Response Team (Internet security) CF (1)Canadian forces CF (2)Center frequency CFAP Commandement Force Aerienne de Projection (French AF) CFARS Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System CFB Canadian Forces Base CFBL Call Forwarding Busing Line (telco) CFBS Canadian Forces Broadcasting Service CFDA Call Forwarding Don't Answer (telco) CFEP Communications front end processor CFL Confidential Frequency List (good shortwave publication) CFM Cubic feet per minute CFR Code of Federal Regulations CFR 33: USCG Navigation Regulations CFR 46: USCG Vessel Regulations CFR 47: FCC Regulations CFS Canadian Forces Station CFT Center Frequency Tone CG (1)Coast Guard CG (2)Commanding General CG cloud-ground lightning CGAS Coast Guard Air Station CGDN Coast Guard Data Net CGM Corrected Geomagnetic coordinates CGMS Coordinating Group for Meteorological Satellites CGU Canadian Geophysical Union Ch Channel Ch mkr Channel marker CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (PPP) CHI cloud-height indicator CHINO sky condition at secondary location not available CHOP Chief Operator (Navy MARS) CHS Combat health support CHS Cylinder, Head, Sector (direct disk addressing) CI-V Radio computer interface made by Icom CIA Central Intelligence Agency (US) CIC (1) Combat Information Center (Navy) CIC (2) Combined Intelligence Center (US Air Force) CICS Customer Information Control System (IBM) CIG ceiling CINC Commander In Chief, also can be prepended, as in: CINCLANT C in C, Atlantic CINCNORAD C in C, NORAD CINCPAC C in C, Pacific CINCSTRAT C in C, Stratcom CIRC Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code CIS Commonwealth of Independent States (replaced USSR) CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing CISCO Consolidated intelligence support to combat operations CISPR International Special Committee on Radio Interference CIW Combined Intelligence Watch CIWS Close-In Weapons System CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (US) CJFET Complementary junction field effect transistor CJMAO Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Office CK Check (usually word count in a message) CL CW prosign: I am closing my station (clearing) CL Centerline Lighting System Class A (1)Stage is biased to conduct continuously Class A (2)High explosive (military phone patches) Class B Stage is biased to conduct on half of cycle Class C (1)Stage is biased to conduct less than half Class C (2)Gunpowder (military phone patches) Class D Digital switching Class E New, like D CLC Circuit Link Control Clg Calling CLOVER Robust RTTY mode for HF CLR Clear CLR Clear below 12,000 feet (automated METAR) cm Centimeter CM (1)Countermeasures CM (2)Corrected Geomagnetic coordinates CMARS Cruise Missile Autonomous Routing System CMAS Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, was CMAFB, CMAFS CMC (1)Cheyenne Mountain Complex (NORAD) CMC (2)Command management center CMC (3)COMSAT Mobile Corporation, part of COMSAT CMD (1)Command CMD (2)Network Command (ALE) CMDR Commander CME Coronal Mass Ejection, causes aurora CMI Computer-managed instruction CMIS Cheyenne Mountain Interface Subsystem CMO Civil-military operations CMOS Complementary Metallic Oxide Semiconductor CMS (1)Canadian Maritime Service CMS (2)Calendar Messaging Service (Solaris) CMT Cellular Mobile Telephone CMU Cheyenne Mountain Upgrade CMX Crisis Management Exercise (NATO) CMY Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (subtractive color printing) CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blac K (4-color printing) CN (1)Communications network CN (2)Counter-narcotics CNAAS Counter-narcotics air analysis system CNCE Communications nodal control element CNCS Centralized Net Control Station (Scope Command hub at Andrews AFB) CNE (1)Communications Network Environment CNE (2)Communications Node Emulator CNE (3)Certified Netware Engineer (Novell) CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (French space agency) CNM (1)Communications Network management CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands CNN Cable News Network CNO (1)Chief of Naval Operations CNO (2)Casualty notification officer CNRADL Canadian RADIL (ROCC/AWACS digital information link) CNS (1)Communications, navigation & surveillance CNS (2)Central nervous system CNS Consolidated NOTAM System (Another nested acronym courtesy FAA) CNTRA Chief of Naval Air Training (pronounced "Sinatra" like the singer) co UK version of (Internet domain) CO (1)Commanding Officer CO (2)Central Office (telcom) CO/MIS Commander, Management Information Center COA Course of action Coax Coaxial cable COBOL Common Business Oriented Language (clunky old programming code) COBRA (1)Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance System COBRA (2)Counter Battery Radar COBRA DANE US military air surveillance radar system COCOM Combatant command CODAR Coastal Ocean Dynamics Radar Codec Coder/Decoder COE (1)Circle of Error COE (2)Common Operating Environment COE (3)Central Office Equipment COFAS Commandement Force Aerienne Strategique (French AF) Cof S Chief of Staff COG Continuity Of Government (emergency plan) COL Colonel COM (1)Computer file extension: load as simple command program COM (2)Commercial domain (Internet) COM Component Object Module (Windoze) COMACC Commander, Air Combat Command COMAFSPACE Commander, Air Force Space Command COMARSPACE Commander, U. Army Space Command COMASWFORLANT Commander, ASW Forces Atlantic COMCON Communications Condition (MARS) COMFAIRMED Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean COMFAIRWINGTEN Commander, Fleet Airwing Ten COMHSWINGONE Commander, Helicopter Antisubmarine Wing One COMINT Communications Intelligence COMJAM Communications jamming Comm Communications (also "commo") COMMSTA Communication Station COMMZ Communications zone COMNAVCOMTELCOM Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command COMOPTEVFOR Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force COMPATWING Commander, Patrol Wing COMPATWINGSLANT Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic COMPUINT Computer intelligence Compul Compulsory COMSAT (1)COMmunication SATellite COMSAT (2)Comsat Corp., US consortium & INMARSAT Convention rep COMSEABASED Commander, Sea-Based ASW Wings, Atlantic COMSEC Communication Security COMSTAT Communications Status Report COMSUBLANT Commander, Submarine Forces, Atlantic (USN) COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific (USN) COMTAC Communications Tactical CONCISE Cosine Network's Central Information Service for Europe CONELRAD Control of Electromagnetic Radiation, obsolete Config Configuration, configure conmara Italian Consulate, Maracaibo, Venezuela conmars Italian Consulate, Marseille, France conmopr Italian Consulate, possibly Montpellier, France conmpla Italian Consulate, Mar del Plata, Argentina CONOP(s) Concept of Operations(s) CONS continuous conspie Italian Consulate, possibly St.of North American Radio Clubs ANDVT Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal ANG Air National Guard ANGB Air National Guard Base ANL Automatic noise limiter ANMCC Alternate National Military Communications Center (?)-WAR 46 Annmt Announcement Annr Announcer ANS Advanced Network Services, operates an Internet backbone ANSI American National Standards Institution ant Antenna ANZUK Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom (alliance) ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, United States (alliance) AO Area of operations AO1 automated station without precipitation discriminator AO2 automated station with precipitation discriminator AOE Airport of Entry AOI Area of interest AOO Area of operations AOR (1)Area of responsibility AOR (2)Atlantic Ocean Region (USCG GMDSS) AOS Acquisition Of Signal Ap Planetary A index of geomagnetic activity APC Armored personnel carrier APCO Association of Public Safety Communications Officials APCO 25 New standard for digital public safety radio API Application Programming Interface (computers) APIC APCO Project 25 Interface Committee APL A Programming Language (computer code) APLink Amtor-Packet Link APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre APO (1)Air Post Office APO (2)Army Post Office APOD Aerial port of debarkation APOE Aerial port of embarkation APPCON Approach Control APRNT apparent APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System, ham vehicle location w/GPS APRX approximately APSC APCO Project 25 Steering Committee APT Automatic Picture Transmissions APU Auxiliary Power Unit AQC Automatic Quick Call AR (1) Aerial refueling AR (2) Ground track for above AR (3) CW prosign: "End of message" AR (4) Army Regulation ARA Appletalk Remote Access, Mac networking ARB Air Reserve Base ARC (1)American Red Cross ARC (2)Airborne Radio Communications (AN/ARC-xxx) ARC-190 Common Collins mil HF aircraft radio, civil version is HF-190 ARC-220 Fancy Collins HF radios for new US mil aircraft ARC-230 Collins 400-watt HF Link-11/Tadil-A aircraft radio, civil voice version is HF-121 ARCAL Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting Archie Internet database search program, finds files ARDF (1)Automatic Radio Direction Finding AREC (1)Air resource element coordinator AREC (2)Amateur Radio Emergency Corps, now ARES ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service ARF Air Reserve forces ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency ARFOR Army forces ARG Amphibious Ready Group ARIA Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc (US radio consortium) ARISS Amateur Radio on the International Space Station ARM Anti-radiation missile ARNG Army National Guard ARO Army Research Office ARP Address Resolution Protocol, Internet ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency, operated original Internet ARPANET ARPA Network, became NSFNET, now separate from Internet ARQ Synchronous transmission and automatic repetition teleprinter system ("Acknowledge Request") ARQ-E3 Single channel ARQ teleprinter system ARQ6-90 Six-character blocks simplex ARQ teleprinter system ARRL American Radio Relay League ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service ARSA Airport Radar Service Area ARSOF Army special operations forces ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center ARW Air Refueling Wing (USAF/AFRES) AS (1) Air station AS (2) CW prosign: "Please Wait" AS (3) Analog secure (like original PARKHILL) AS (4)Submarine Tender (USN) ASA American Standards Association, obsolete ASAP As Soon As [humanly] Possible; how one handles FLASH traffic ASAS All Source Analysis System (US Army) ASAS-RWS ASAS Reconfigurable Work Station ASB Aviation support battalion ASC (1)AUTODIN Switching Center ASC (2)Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI) ASC (3)American Society of Cameramen (motion picture) ASCC Army service component command ASCIET All Services Combined Identification Evaluation Team ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange, 7-bit computer alphabet, usually extended to use 8th bit ASCOT Air Support Command Operations Task (RAF Air Transport) ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations (old SEATO) ASG Area support group ASG Aeronautical Standards Groups ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ASL Above Sea Level ASLAR Aircraft Surge Launch and Recovery ASM Assembler (computer code) ASM Analog Switching Module ASMB Area support medical battalion ASMC Area support medical company ASME American Society for Mechanical Engineers ASMRO Armed Services Medical Regulating Office ASO Air surveillance officer ASOS Automatic Surface Observation System ASOTSE Army special operations theater support element ASP (1)Ammunition supply point ASP (2)Acquisition Support Plan ASP (3)Active Server Pages ASR Automatic Send-Receive Assn Association Assoc Association AST Atlantic Standard Time, Canada ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials ASU Aircraft Starting Unit ASW Anti-submarine warfare AT Advanced Technology (IBM's original name for its improved PC, now a standard architecture) ATA AT Attachment ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface ATC Air Traffic Control ATCCS Army Tactical Command & Control System ATCT airport traffic control tower ATDL 1 Army Tactical Data Link 1 ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms ATHS Automatic Target Hand-off System ATIS Automated Terminal Information System (usually voice loop) ATM (1)Asynchronous Transfer Mode, 53-byte packets ATM (2)Automated Teller Machine ATM (3)Advanced trauma management ATOI Aerial Track Of Interest ATP (1)Ammunition transfer point ATP (2)Appletalk Transaction Protocol, Mac networking ATR Air Transport Rack (standard airplane radio bay) ATV (1)Amateur television ATV (2)All-Terrain Vehicle ATV Amateur (fast-scan) Television AUI Attachment Unit Interface, Ethernet AUSREP Australian Ship Reporting System AUTO Weather observation is from automated station [~] AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network (US military) AUTOVON Automatic voice network (now DSN as of 1990) AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUW All Up Weight (gross) AVC Automatic volume control AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer AVIM Aviation intermediate maintenance AVL Automatic Vehicle Locating AVTR Airborne Video Tape Recorder AVUM Aviation unit maintenance AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System AWGN Arbitrary White Gaussian Noise awk Aho, Weinstein & Kernighan, wrote a Unix script language AWN Aviation Weather Network, now on US Air Force Digital Weather Switch AWOL Absent without leave AWOS Automated Weather Observing System AWS Air Weather Service AX.25 Amateur variant of CCITT X.25 packet radio protocol B began B Tube plate voltage (highest in set) B-ISDN Broadband ISDN B/m Benchmark B/U Backup B8E Mode: Independent sideband, different voice programs B9W Mode: Independent sideband, mixed voice & data modes BA Braking action Bae British Aerospace BANANA Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone (municipal response to most radio proposals) BAQ Basic allowance for quarters BAS Basic allowance for subsistence BASIC Beginners' All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, computer language BAT (1)Blood Alcohol Testing (the "Batmobile," in the field) BAT (2)File extension: execute as command list (Batch job) Baud Computer transmission unit, used to equal one bit per second, commonly exceeds this in complex modulation schemes, i.e.i didn't) OM Male voice ("Old Man") OMEGA Global LF navigation system, replaced by GPS OMS ("ohms") Orbital Maneuvering System (NASA) OOB (1)Out of band OOB (2)Out Of Bounds (classic Internet hack) OOK On-off keying OOOI Out, Off, On, In (ACARS time reporting) op Operation OP Observation Post OPAL Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher OPC Operations Center OPCEN Operations Center OPCODE Operations code OPCON Operational control OPF Orbiter Processing Facility (NASA) OPLAN Operations plan OPORD Operation order OPSEC Operation Security OR Offroute (unscheduled flights, usually military) ORBS Open Relay Behaviour-modification System (anti-email-spam) ORFM Office of Radio Frequency Management org organization (Internet) OS Operating system (code that runs a computer) OS/2 Operating System II (IBM) OS/2 Operating System 2, proprietary IBM op-system for PS/2 OSC Operations Systems Center, USCG, VA OSCAR Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCR Ocean Surface Current Radar OSI Open Systems Interconnection (coincidentally, OSI is by ISO) OSIR ISO's famous 7-layer "OSI Reference Model" for packet OSIRM ISO's famous 7-layer "OSI Reference Model" for packet OSPF Open Shortest Path First OSS Office of Special Services, WWII OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy (US Government) OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response OTAN NATO in French OTAR Over-The-Air Rekeying (crypto) OTASP Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (telco) OTCIXS Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System OTHB Over The Horizon Backscatter radar OTHR Over the horizon radar Out Voice prosign: Contact completed, going back to listening OVC overcast Over Voice prosign: Transmission completed, go ahead OVR Overcast OWF Optimum Working Frequency, realtime version of FOT OWI Office of War Information, WW II P Power (in watts) P greater than P Plus P/N Part number p/p (1)phone patch p/p (2)point-to-point p/p (3)peak -to-peak PA (1)Power amplifier PA (2)Public address system PA (3)Passenger agent PA (4)Privacy Act PAC (1)Pacific PAC (2)Personnel and Administration Center PAC (3)Political Action Committee PAC-3 Patriot Advance Capability 3 PACAF Pacific Air Force (US) PACAREA Pacific Area (USCG) PACSAT Packet radio satellite PACTOR Packet teleprinting over radio (modes 1 and 2) PAD Packet assembler/disassembler PADIL PATRIOT Digital Information Link (US missile batteries) PAL Phase Alternate Line (W. QSY (1) Frequency change QSY (2) Change frequency to -- k Hz QTC Message QTH Location of station QWD Quarterly World Days, observation intervals QWERTY Name of standard typewriter keyboard, from top row of ltrs QWZ Facetious prosign: Are you woozy?Europe TV standard) PAM Phase-Amplitude Modulation, modems PAM Pluggable Authentication Modules (Linux) PAN Prosign: priority safety traffic follows (also "PAN PAN") [~] PANA Pan-African News Agency Pan Am Sat Pan American Satellite Co., operates 17 COMSATs PAO Public affairs officer PAP (1)Polska Agencja Prasowa PAP (2)Password Authentication Protocol, computer networks PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator PAR Precision Radar Approach, new name for GCA PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox, obsolete) PASR personnel accounting and strength reporting PAVE Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry PAVE PAWS Phased array SLBM warning system, 4 US Coastal sites PAWS (1)Phased Array Warning System, e.g., PAVE PAWS PAWS (2)Programmable Analyst Work Station PAWSS Ports and Waterways Safety System PAX (1)Passengers PAX (2)~"Peace" in Latin ("Pax Americana") PBBS Packet Bulletin Board System PBS Public Broadcasting System PBT Portable Breathalyzer Test (police drunk testing) PBX Private Branch Exchange (telco) PC Personal Computer PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect (Intel) PCM Pulse code modulation PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association PCS (1)Personal Communication Service (mobile phone) PCS (2)Performance Control System PCS (3)Prelaunch Compatibility Station (GPS) PCS (4)Personal Communications System PDA Personal Digital Assistant (palmtop computer) PDF Portable Document Format (Adobe) PDM Pulse Duration Modulation PDT Pacific Daylight Time, US PDU Protocol Data Unit PE ice pellets PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail PEP Peak envelope power PER Packed Encoding Rules PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language, Unix scripting pers personnel PERSCOM Personnel command PEST Plasma Experiment Satellite Test PF Pilot Flying PFC (1)Private, First Class PFC (2)Prepared Form Card, a homemade QSL for a station to sign PFRR Poker Flat Research Range, AK PGP Pretty Good Privacy, e-mail encryption program PHOTINT Photographic Intelligence (satellite pics, etc.) PI protection interval PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller (computers) PIN Personal Identification Number pine Pine Is Nearly/Not/Not yet Elm, Unix mailer PING Packet Inter Net Groper (ICMP "ping pong" tester for net) PIO (1)Public Information Officer PIO (2)Programmed Input/Output PIP Peripheral Interchange Program, old CP/M copy PIPEX Public IP EXchange (UK) PIREP Pilot Report, weather in standard form PIW Person(s) In Water PK WND peak wind PL (1)"Private Line," Motorola tradename for CTCSS PL (2)Pilot light PL/1 Programming Language 1 (computer code) PLIP Parallel Line Internet Protocol PLL (1)Phase Locked Loop PLL (2)prescribed load list PLS CW brevity: Please PM (1)Phase Modulation, slightly resembles FM PM (2)Post Meridian, hours between noon and local PMBO Participating Mailbox PMC Personnel management center PMCS Preventive maintenance checks and services PME Protective Multiple Earth (ground) PMFC Pacific Missile Firing Center PMO Provost Marshall's Office PMRS Private Mobile Radio Service PMSV Pilot-to-Metro Service PNF Pilot Not Flying PNO precipitation amount not available PNP Positive/Negative/Positive; transistor type PO dust/sand whirls (dust devils) POB Persons On Board POC Point of Contact POCSAG Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (paging) POD Point of debarkation POE Point of embarkation POETS Push Off Early - Tomorrow's Saturday POL Petroleum, oils, and lubricants POL-ARQ Polish diplomatic ARQ teleprinter system POP (1)Post Office Protocol (Internet) POP (2)Point of presence POR Pacific Ocean Region (USCG) POSIX OSI standard, like Unix POSIX Portable Operating System Interface POST Power-On Self Test POTS (1)Plain Old Telephone System POTS (2)Purchase Of Telephone Service (US Government) POTUS President Of The United States pp Phone patch PP Transmission is in Portuguese PPDL Point to Point Data Link PPM (1)portable pixmap PPM (2)Page per minute PPM (3)Parts per million PPM (4)Pulse Position Modulation PPP Point-to-Point Protocol PPR Prior Permission Required (military landing permit) PPTP Point-to-Point-Tunneling Protocol PQM path quality matrix PR (1)Puerto Rico PR (2)Person Reporting (police) PR partial PRB Personal Radio Bureau (FCC) PRB-1 Personal Radio Bureau 1, FCC resolution attempting to preempt local radio laws PRB-1 Personal Radio Bureau-1 (FCC tower rule) prep preparation PRESRR pressure rising rapidly PRFG partial fog PRM Pulse rate modulation PRML Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (HD transfer mode) PROM Programmable Read Only Memory Prosign Procedural Signal ("over," etc.) PRZ Polar Return to Zero PS/2 Personal System 2, IBM's less-than-sensational replacement for the PC PSAP Public Safety Answering Point PSB Personnel services battalion PSDN Public Switched Data Network PSE CW brevity: Please PSK Phase-shift keying PSK-31 Phase-shift keyed very narrowband simplex direct printing scheme PSM Pulse step modulation PSO Public service officer PSR Primary Surveillance Radar PSRAM Pseudo Static Random Access Memory, obsolescent PSS (1)Personnel service support PSS (2)Packet Switch Stream (British Telecom) PSSN pseudo sunspot number PST Pacific Standard Time, US PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network PSWAC Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee PTD Pilot-to-dispatcher PTO Permeability tuned oscillator PTT (1)Push to talk PTT (2)Post, Telegraph and Telephone administration (UK) PU ("Papa Uniform") participating unit pub publication PVASI Pulsating Visual Approach Slope Indicator PVO private volunteer organization PWINO precipitation identifier sensor not available PWM Pulse width modulation PWR Power PY spray Q Quality (measure of selectivity in inductive circuits) Q Hecto Pascals (U. METAR variant) QCWA Quarter Century Wireless Association (amateur) QLF Facetious prosign: Now send with your LEFT foot QNH Set your altimeter to -- barometric pressure QPC Question Pool Committee (amateur exams) QPSK Quaternary Phase Shift Keying QRA The name of my station is -- QRCT Quick Reaction Communications Terminal QRG (1)Your frequency is -- k Hz QRG (2)The frequency is --, Kenneth QRH Drift ("Your frequency varies...") QRL I'm busy; frequency is in use QRL? I am woozy R (1) CW prosign: "Message received" R (2) DC resistance (in ohms) R right (with reference to runway designation) R Runway R Right R chks Radio checks R&D Research & Development R/T Receiver/Transmitter R/W Rotary wing (helicopter) R3E Single sideband, reduced carrier (usually 6 d B) radiotelephony; CHU and CIA counter are R3E RA Rain RAAF Royal Australian Air Force RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, FEMA affiliates Racon Radar Beacon Radar Radio Detection And Ranging RADARA Regional And Domestic Air Route Area RADAY Radio Day (US Mil) RADIL ROCC/AWACS digital information link RADINT (1)Radar intelligence RADINT (2)Radiation intelligence RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial In Service RADM Rear Admiral RADMO Radio Mode RADSL Rate Adaptive Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line RADSTA Radio Station RAF Royal Air Force RAG Replacement Air Group RAI Italian national broadcaster RAID (1)Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (servers) RAID (2)Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection team (FEMA/Army NG) RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Lights RAM Random Access Memory (can be changed) RAMDAC Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter RAMP Radar Modernization Project RAN Royal Australian Navy RAOC rear area operations center RAPCON Radar approach control RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol RASC Radio Atmospheric Science Center (Japan) RASP Radio Science And Propagation RATCF Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (USN) RATT Radioteletype RAV Restricted Availability RB Radar Beacon RBL Realtime Blackhole List (spam filtering) RBL Realtime Blackhole List (Internet) RC (1)Reserve Components (US Army) RC (2)Radio control RCA Radio Corporation of America RCC (1)Rescue Coordination Center (GMDSS) RCC (2)Range control center (USAF) RCC (3)Resource control complex RCC (4)Rag Chewer's Club (ham award) RCCC Range communications control center RCMA Dead scanner radio club, which included HF utility RCNC Range communications network controller RCO Range Control Officer rcp Remote Copy (unix) RCP Resource Change Proposal RCR Runway Condition Reading RCS (1)Radio Communication System RCS (2)Reaction Control System (NASA) RCS (3)Radar cross-section RCS (4)Radio Conference Subcommittee (of IRAC) RCS (5)Remote Control System RCS Radio Conference Subcommittee rcv Receive mode rcvr receiver RD (1)replacement directorate RD (2)Restricted data RDARA Regional and Domestic Air Route Area RDF Radio direction finding RDM Radio Data Modem RDNS Reverse Domain Name System (Internet) RDRAM Ram bus (interface scheme) Dynamic Random Access Memory RDS Remote Data Service RDT Remote digital terminal RE Reverse engineering REACT Radio emergency team, like ARES, only uses CB and GMRS rec receive REC Radio-electronic combat recon reconnaissance REDHORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer REE Radio Espana Exterior (Spain overseas broadcaster) Reg regulation, includes radio rules REJ Packet control frame: Reject, data out of sequence Rem (1)Remark (computer programming) Rem (2)Radiation-equivalent, man (nuclear safety) REP Radiological Emergency Preparedness (program) req'd required RETMA Radio, Electronics, Television Manufacturers Assn, now EIA retrans retransmission rev reverse RF Radio Frequency RF/EMPINT Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Pulse Intelligence RFC Request For Comment RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service (Australia) RFDU RF distribution unit RFE Radio Free Europe RFI (1)RF Interference RFI (2)Radio France International RFID Radio Frequency Identification RFPI Radio For Peace International, Costa Rica RFR RF radiation RG# Radio Guide, coax cable designator RGB Red, Green, Blue; additive color mixing like TV RGS Remote ground station RHCP Right-hand circular polarization RHOJ Radar home on jam RI (1)Routing indicator (Telex or radiograms) RI (2)Ring Indicator (modem line) RIAA Recording Industry Assn of America (audio) Riometer Relative Ionospheric Opacity Meter (uses cosmic RF) RIPE Regional Internet Registry for Europe RIPE Reseaux IP Europeens (Internet registry) RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing, chip architecture RIT Receiver Incremental Tuning, same as "clarifier" Rlogin Remote Login, networking program like telnet RM ("Romeo Mike") Radioman, radio operator RMA Revolution in Military Affairs (US tax subsidized paper crunching) RMC Regional Meteorological Center RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator RMI Republic of the Marshall Islands RMK Remarks RMS (1)Royal Majesty Ship RMS (2)Royal Mail Steamer (obsolete?) ESN Electronic Serial Number ESS Electronic Switching System (landlines) EST Eastern (US) Standard Time ET (1)Extra-terrestrial ET (2)External Tank (NASA) ET (3)Eastern Time (US) ETA Estimated time of arrival ETB End of Transmission Block ETD Estimated time of departure ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (a four-letter acronym) ETOH Alcohol (for some reason, paramedics say the chemical name) ETX End Of Text (ASCII) Eunet European part of UUCP, Unix file transfer network EUR Europe (MWARA) EUV Extreme ultraviolet (can ionize) EW Electronic warfare EWO Emergency War Order EXE Computer file extension: loads as executable EXE2BIN PC program for creating . EXE f Farad (a huge capacitor; usually uf or pf) F Frequency (in Hertz) F/O (1)Fiber optics F/O (2)Follow-on F/V Fishing Vessel F/W Fixed wing (airplane) F0 FM carrier, no modulation, sounds just like A0, now N0N F1B Mode designator: frequency shift keying F2B Mode designator: Audio frequency-shift keying F3C Mode designator: fax F3E Mode designator: FM voice or broadcasting FAA (1)Federal Aviation Administration (US) FAA (2)Foreign Assistance Act FAADC3 Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications Intelligence System (US Army) FAC Field-Aligned Current, an irregular propagation mode FACSFAC Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (US Navy) FAF French Air Force FAGDS Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Services FAPSI Federal Agcy for Govt Comm & Info (Russian, replaced KGB) FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Internet/USENET) FAR Federal Aviation Regulations FARP Forward Arming & Refueling Point FAS (1)Frequency Assignment Subcommittee (of IRAC) FAS (2)Federation of American Scientists FAS (3)Frequency Assignment Subcommittee FASC Forward area signal center FAST Fleet Antiterrorist Strike Team (US Marines) FAST NASA Fast Auroral Snapshot Small Explorer satellite FAT File Allocation Table (MS-DOS) FAT32 32-bit File Allocation Table (Newer MS-Windows) FAX Facsimile FB CW brevity code: "Fine Business" (really good) FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (US) FBO Fixed Base Operator FC funnel cloud FCC Federal Communications Commission FCMP Fleet Composite Broadcast (USCG Honolulu) FCO Federal Coordinating Officer (FEMA) FD Fixed Disk FD (1)Floppy Disk FD (2)Fixed Disk (confusing! Chief of staff, operations and plans (US Army) G4 Asst. of) Health & Human Services HI CW brevity code: a laugh (all dits, easier to send than "HA") Hi-fi High Fidelity (audio) HICOM High Command net (US Navy) HIPAS High-Power Auroral Stimulation HIPPI High Performance Parallel Interface HISCAT High-latitude, High-altitude, High-power, High-frequency, High-performance, Heating and ionospheric Scatter facility (research) HIWAS Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service HM Her Majesty HMCS Her Majesty's Canadian Ship HMMWV High mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (hummvee) HMS Her Majesty's Ship HNG-FEC Hungarian diplo FEC teleprinting system HNMP HF Network Management Protocol HNS Host nation support HOLF Helicopter Outlying Landing Field hp Horsepower HP (1)High Pass (filter circuit) HP (2)Highway Patrol Hpa Hectopascal HPE CW brevity code: "Hope to..." HPI High-Priority Intercept (global HF comint system) HPTS High-Power Transmitting System (TACAMO) HQ Headquarters HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army hr Hour HRC Harmonically Related Carrier (CATV channel scheme) HRMP HF Relay Management Protocol HRPT High Resolution Picture Transmissions hrs Hours HRT Hostage Rescue Team (FBI) HSSP HF Station Status Protocol HST (1)Hawaiian Standard Time HST (2)Hubble Space Telescope HT (1)Handie-talkie, a hand-held radio HT (2)Horizontal Tab (ASCII) HTML Hypertext Markup Language (world wide web) HTS High Temperature Superconducting HTTP Hyper Text Transmission Protocol (WWW) HTTP-NG HTTP Next Generation HTTPD HTTP Daemon (Unix) HTTPS (1)HTTP Server HTTPS (2)HTTP with Secure Sockets Layer HUMINT Human Intelligence (spies!) FDD Floppy Disk Drive FDDI Fibre Data Distribution Interface FDM Frequency-Division Multiplex FDPT Fixed Disk Parameter Table FDX Full Duplex FEC Forward error correction teleprinter system FEC-A One-way traffic FEC teleprinter system FECC Federal Emergency Communications Coordinator FECTOR Teleprinting over radio, mode B FEK Frequency Exchange Keying FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FEP (1)Front End Processor (computers) FEP (2)FLTSAT EHF Package (Navy) FET Field-effect transistor FEW Few clouds FF (1)French Forces FF (2)Transmission is in French FF (3)Formfeed FF (2)French Forces FF Form Feed (ASCII) FFH (1)Fast Frigate Helicopter FFH (2)Fast Frequency Hopping (spread spectrum scheme) FFHT-net Fast-Frequency-Hopping Training net FFRDC Federally Funded Research& Development Center (MITRE Corp.) FFT Fast Fourier transform FG (1)Foreign Government (Foxtrot Golf) FG (2)Fog FH Field hospital FHWA Federal Highway Administration (US) FI Field Investigation, Field Interview (police) FIA (1)Fibreoptic Industry Association (UK) FIA (2)Federation Internationale d'Automobile (Formula 1 racing) FIBI filed but impracticable to transmit FIFO First in, first out figs figures follow FIGS Figures case (Baudot upper case) FIRESCOPE Firefighting Resources of Southern California Organized for Potential Emergencies FIRST (1)Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (computers) FIRST (2)first observation after a break in coverage at manual station FISIN Foreign Instrument Signals Intelligence FIST Fleet Imagery Support Terminal (US Navy) FL Flight level FLAK German: FLeiger Abwehr Kannonen (anti-aircraft artillery) FLIP Flight Information Publication (US Do D) FLIR Forward looking infrared Flops Floating point operations per second FLOT Forward line of own troops FLOTUS First Lady Of The United States (President's wife) FLR Forward looking radar Flt (1)flight Flt (2)fleet (US Navy) FLT HICOM Fleet High Command, (US Navy) FLTSAT Fleet Satellite, Navy comsat FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications (US Navy) FM (1)Frequency Modulation FM (2)Field manual FM (3)("Foxtrot Mike") VHF FM (US Navy) FM (4)CW brevity: From FMA-net Frequency Management A-net FMH Federal Meteorological Handbook FMH-1 Federal Meteorological Handbook-1 FMH-2 Federal Meteorological Handbook No.2 FMO Frequency Management Office FMOW FM Orderwire (US military) FMP Fleet Modernization Program FMS Foreign Military Sales FMT-net Frequency Management Training net FN French Navy FNG Friendly new guy/gal (possible security risk) FOB (1)Field Operations Bureau (FCC) FOB (2)Freight On Board (shipping regs) FOD Foreign Object Damage FOIA Freedom of Information Act FORSCOM Forces Command FORTRAN Formula Translator (early IBM computer language) FOT Optimum Traffic Frequency (fq that will work most days of period) Foxes THE QUICK BROWN FOX... ) HVAR High-Velocity Aerial Rocket HW CW brevity code: "How do you copy me?

Chat mit cam roms-63Chat mit cam roms-50Chat mit cam roms-5Chat mit cam roms-89

AMTOR Amateur Teleprinting Over Radio (Ham SITOR) AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System AN Army/Navy (prefix on US military type designators) AN/FRT Army/Navy Fixed Radio Transmitting AN/GRC Army/Navy General Radio Communication AN/MRC Army/Navy Mobile Radio Communication ANARC Assn.

SPF Shortest Path First SPI Service Provider Interface SPINCOM Special Intelligence Communications Spkr Speaker SPL Sound Pressure Level SPL/1 High-Order Signal Processing Language #1 SPO Security, plans, and operations SPOD Seaport of debarkation SPS Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (of IRAC) SPSS Space Surveillance Squadron Spt Support SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange SQ squalls sqdn Squadron SQL Structured Query Language (computer databases) SR Special Reconnaissance (SR-71 "Blackbird") SRA Specialized repair activity SRAM Static Random Access Memory SRB Solid-Rocket Booster(s), NASA Space Shuttle, recovered by BRV SRMS Smart Resource Management System SRWBR Short Range Wide Band Radio SS (1)Transmission is in Spanish SS (2)Sandstorm SSA Supply support activity SSB Single Sideband SSC Sudden Storm Commencement (geophysics) SSE South-southeast SSF Southern Straits of Florida SSG The Space Systems Group SSI Server Side Includes (web) SSI Space Science Institute SSID Secondary Station Identifier (packet) SSL Secure Sockets Layer (encrypted TCP/IP computer networking) SSN (1) Sunspot Number SSN (2) Nuclear Submarine (US Navy) SSN Social Security Number (same as TIN - FCC forms) SSOM Spanish language numbers transmission, male voice SSPAR Solid State Power Amplifier-Receiver SSR (1)Secondary Surveillance Radar SSR (2)Soviet Socialist Republic (obsolete) SSR/IFF Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe SSRAM Synchronous Static Random Access Memory SSRC Single Sideband, Reduced Carrier SSSC Single Sideband, Suppressed Carrier SST (1)Supersonic Transport (aircraft) SST (2)Sea Surface Temperature SSTV Slow Scan Television SSW South-southwest SSYL Spanish language numbers transmission, female voice ST Send Timing (EIA-449) STA (1)Status (packet) STA (2)Special Temporary Authority (from FCC, to do something) STAJ Short Term Anti-Jam (makes gurgling noise on-air) STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO) STAR SHARES Transportable Auxiliary Radio STARC State Area Command (Army NG) STARS Secure Tactical Army Radio System STARS-V Secure Tactical Army Radio System-VHF STAT Old CP/M status command, replaced in version 3.0 STCICS Strike Command Integrated Communications System (RAF) STD (1)Standard STD (2)Solar-Terrestrial Dispatch, Canadian auroral warning center STG Satellite Tracking Group STK Strike Control Stn Station STP Shielded Twisted Pair (cable) STPD standard temperature, pressure, dry STRATCOM U. Strategic Command STS Space Transport System, the "Space Shuttle" STSA Standard Telemedicine System Architecture STT Shore Targeting Terminal STU Secure Telephone Unit STU-III Secure Telephone Unit, Third Generation STX Start Of Text (ASCII) SUB Substitute (ASCII) SUNA Sudan News Agency Super DARN Super Dual Auroral Radar Network suppl supplement SURFnet Dutch academic network SUV Sport-Utility Vehicle SV-CW-C Greek Telegraphy Club, aka GTC svcs services SVP (1)Single Line Variety Package (telco) SVP (2)Si Vous Plait ("If you please" in French) SW (1)Shortwave (high frequency - HF) SW (2)Southwest SWBC Short Wave Broadcasting SWED-ARQ Swedish ARQ teleprinter system, used by that country SWG Short Wave Fadeout (ionospheric disturbance) SWI Special World Interval, unscheduled radio astronomy observation period caused by solar event SWL Shortwave Listener SWR (1)Standing Wave Ratio SWR (2)Surface-Wave Radar SWS Standard Workstation (US Coast Guard) SX (1) Simplex SX (2) Old Hallicrafters prefix, usually meant radio had xtal filter SYN Synchronous Idle SYNOP Synoptic weather reports (from surface observations) Sysop System Operator, the king on a BBS t Time (in seconds) T (1)US Coast Guard C3 office, DC; aka G-T T (2)Boston transit system T-Plex 8-frequency duplex ARQ teleprinter system T/R Transmit/Receive switching T1 Relatively high speed data connection over phone line tac tactical TAC Tactical Air Command, now ACC TAC Technical Advisory Committee TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System TACAMO Take Charge And Move Out (US Navy CP aircraft) TACAN Tactical Air Navigation TACC (1)Tanker/Airlift Command Center (US AMC) TACC (2)Tactical Aircraft Control Center (US) TACFIRE Tactical fire direction system TACS Terminal Access Conversion Service (UK) TACS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System TACSAT Tactical satellite TACSATCOM tactical satellite communications TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link (US) TAF Terminal Area Forecast, weather at airports, like on VOLMET TAI International Atomic Time TAL Transoceanic Abort Landing (space shuttle) TALCE Tanker Air Lift Control Element TANJUG Old Yugoslav news agency TAO Tactical Action Officer TAOC Tactical Air Operations Center TAP Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (paging) TAPR Tuscon (AR) Amateur Packet Radio, ham software source tar Tape Archive, Unix backup/archive program TAS True Air Speed TASMA Two-meter Area Spectrum Management Assn. (RTTY) WSHFT wind shift WSM Weapon system manager WSMR White Sands Missile Range (NM) WSO Weapon Systems Officer ("Whizzo") WSRO Weapon system replacement operations WSTF White Sands Test Facility (NM) WSW West-southwest WT (1)Walkie-talkie WT (2)Wireless Telegraph (Morse or RTTY) WTB (1)Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (FCC) WTB (2)Want To Buy (radio swap ads) WTGB 140' Icebreaking Tug (USCG) WU Western Union WUN World Utility News, Internet group, maintains large e-mail list, rhymes with "one" WW Weather Warning WWABNCPP Worldwide Airborne National Command Post Program WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System, obsolescent WWV NIST standard frequency & time station, Boulder, CO WWVB NIST Boulder, CO, low frequency standard broadcast WWVH NIST standard frequency & time station, Kekaha, HI WWVL Old NBS low-frequency time stn, no longer on air WWW World Wide Web, aka W3, www, Web, World Wide Wait Wx Weather WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get (computers) X (1) Reactance, in ohms X (2)(Also "Xray") prosign for end of sentence X-band (1)8-12 GHz microwave band X-band (2)Expanded AM band, 1610-1720 k Hz X-windows Standard windowing system for networks (usually Unix) [~] XCHS Extended Cylinder, Head, Sector (addressing) xcvr Transceiver xfmr Transformer xistor Transistor xmit Transmit mode XML Extensible Markup Language XMODEM Async file transfer protocol, uses 128-byte or 1K packets, over direct links, not Internet XMS Expanded Memory System (IBM PC, different spec from EMS) xmsn Transmission xmt Transmit mode xmtr Transmitter XO Executive officer Xon/Xoff Computer serial flow control, usually using DC3/DC1 (^S/^Q) xponder Transponder XSL Extensible Style Language XT Extra Value (PC-XT was first IBM PC with a hard disk; obsolete) xtal Crystal XTP e Xpress Transfer Protocol (computers) XXX (1)CW prefix: traffic is urgent (same as SECURITE) [~] XXX (2)Set of standards for X.25 PAD packet networking XYL Wife ("ex-young lady") Y2K Year 2000, or resulting computer bugs (geekspeak) YAHOO Yet Another Heirarchical Officious Oracle; may be a back-formation, as guys who started Yahoo!

(Amateur) TAW Tactical airlift wing TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center TBD To Be Determined TCAS Traffic (Alert) & Collision Avoidance System TCC Telecommunications center TCF Tactical combat force TCH Threshold Crossing Height TCP Transmission Control Protocol TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCPOD Tropical Cyclone Plan Of the Day TCS Tactical Control System TCU Towering Cumulus TD (1)Transmitted Data, short for TXD TD (2)Transmitter/Distributor (old RTTY) TDA Table of distribution and allowances TDD Time Delay Distortion TDM Time-Division Multiplex TDMA Time Division Multiple Access TDP Takeoff Decision Point TDY Temporary duty ("to go TDY") TEC Total electron content (of ionosphere) TEC Total Electron Content (of ionospheric region) TECG Tactical Exercise Control Group TEI Text Encoding Initiative Telco Telephone Company ("The phone company") Telcom Telephone communication Telecom Telecommunication Teletext Short text messages, usually in TV blank interval TELINST Telecommunications Instructions Telnet Internet or dialup protocol for remote login TEMPEST Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Extraneous Spurious Transmissions (secure enclosure for computers, etc.; prevents eavesdropping) TEMPO Temporary weather change TERPES Technical Electronic Processing and Evaluation System TESTM Metar Test Message TEXN Traffic Exchange Network (MARS) Tfc Traffic tfc Traffic TFE Tactical field exchange TFEO Tactical field exchange officer TFW Tactical Fighter Wing THAAD Theater High Altitude Area Defense THD Total Harmonic Distortion (audio, in %) THREATCON Threat Condition (Alpha, Bravo...) TIA (1)Telecommunication Industry Association (UK) TIA (2)Thanks in advance TIA (3)The Internet Adaptor, clever SLIP emulator from dialup shell TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast System TIFF Tagged Image File Format, versatile computer graphic standard TIN Taxpayer Identification Number (same as SSN - FCC forms) TIS (1)Traveler's Information Station TIS (2)Trusted Information System TIS (3)This Is (ALE) TISCOM Telecom & Information Systems Command, VA (USCG) TKAP Transmitter Keep-Alive Program TLA Three-Letter Acronym (NASAspeak for NASAspeak) TMDE Test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment TMMMC Theater medical materiel management center tms Teams TN ("Tango November") Track number (ASW) TN3270 Telnet for IBM mainframes, emulates old 3270 terminal TNC Terminal Node Controller (packet) TOA Time Of Arrival TOC Tactical Operations Center TOD time of day TOE (1)Table(s) of organization and equipment TOE (2)Theory of everything (physics) TOR Teleprinting (or Telex) over Radio TOW Wire-guided missile TPFDD Time-phased force and deployment data TPO Transmitter power output TPR Third-Party Relay TPRAM Triple Port RAM TRACAB Terminal RAdar control in the tower CAB TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command trans Transportation TRANSCOM Transportation Command TRC (1)Tactical Radio Communication TRC (2)Transmission Release Code TRI-TAC Joint Tactical Communications trmt Treatment TRSA Terminal Radar Service Area TRUEX Training in Urban Environment Exercise (USMC) TS thunderstorm TSC Technical Subcommittee (of IRAC) TSCM Technical surveillance countermeasures (antibugging) TSGT Technical Sergeant TSNO thunderstorm information not available TSOP Thin Small Outline Package TSP (1)Telecommunications Support Plan (NCS) TSP (2)Telecommunications Service Priority (NCS) TSR Terminate and Stay Resident (IBM programming) TSSR Tropospheric Scatter (TROPO)-Satellite Support Radio TTL (1)Transistor-Transistor Logic TTL (2)Time To Live (of Internet packets) TTP Trusted Third Party (for authentication of public keys) TTT CW prefix: Distress call follows TTWCS Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System TTY Teletype TTYL Talk (Type) To You Later (Internet) TU (1)CW brevity: Thank you TU (2)Terminal unit (old current-loop RTTY) TU Terminal Unit (RTTY) TUBA TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (possible Internet extension) TV Television TVA Tennessee Valley Authority (big dam operator) TVI Television interference TWA (1)Trailing-wire antenna (USN ELF/Tacamo) TWA (2)Trans World Airways TWAIN (1)Toolkit Without An Important Name (Standard graphic scanner interface) TWAIN (2)Technology Without An Interesting Name TWAS This Was (ALE) TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcast Twinplex Four-frequency duplex teleprinter system TWR tower tx Transmitter, talk TXD Transmitted Data (Serial I/O modem line) txt (1)Extension: file is unformatted ASCII text (computers) txt (2)Text U CW brevity code: "You" U Up U-ATA Ultra-AT Attachment U/L (1) Uplink U/L (2) Upload u A Microamp UA (1)Packet control frame: Unnumbered Acknowledgement UA (2)User Agent (Internet) UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (computer) UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (USAF) UDP User Datagram Protocol, type of Internet packet good for streaming UDT (1)Universal Dataflow and Telecommunications UDT (2)Underwater Demolition Team, crack USN WWII unit uf Microfarad UFN Until Further Notice UFO (1)Unidentified Flying Object UFO (2)UHF Follow On, new Navy COMSAT UGR Unitized group ration UHF Ultra High Frequency (300-3000 MHz) UI Packet designator: Unnumbered Information UID User Identification UIDL User Initiated Download UIDL User Initiated Download UIN Universal Internet Number (ICQ) UK United Kingdom UKADGE UK Air Defense Ground Environment UKCC United Kingdom Control Center UKMACCS United Kingdom Maritime Coastal Communications System UKNET UK network for UUCP UKSOF UK Satellite operations facility, part of NATO UL (1)Upload UL (2)Unauthorized launch UL (3)Underwriters' Laboratories ULS Universal Licensing System (FCC) UMT Unit ministry team UN United Nations uncl unclassified UNCLASS Message is not classified [~] UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea UNF (1) UN Forces UNF (2) Unformatted UNHCR UN High Commission for Refugees UNI User Network Interface Unid Unidentified Uniden Unidentified UNIFIL UN Interim Forces, Lebanon Univac Universal Automatic Computer, once IBM's main competition Unix Not an acronym; computer op-system derived from MULTICS [~] Unk Unknown UNO United Nations Organization UNPROFOR UN Provisional Forces UNSCOM UN Special Commission (Iraq inspectors) UP (1)CW prosign: "change to working frequency" UP (2)unknown precipitation UPS (1)Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS (2)United Parcel Service UR CW brevity code: "Your" Ureq User request (computer return code) URL Universal Resource Locator (World Wide Web) URSI International Union of Radio Science URSIGRAM Coded solar-terrestrial report, originally from URSI US (1)United States US (2 )Unit Separator (ASCII) USA (1)United States of America USA (2)US Army USA (3)Underground Service Alert ("dial before you dig") USA (4)Unit self-assessment USACE US Army Corps of Engineers USAF US Air Force USAFA US Air Force Academy USAFAWC US Air Force Air Warfare Center USAFE US Air Forces, Europe USAMMA US Army Medical Materiel Agency USAR (1)Urban Search & Rescue USAR (2)US Army Reserve USAREUR US Army, Europe USARSPACE US Army Space Command, part of USSPACECOM USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter USASC US Army Signal Command USASCH US Army Support Command Hawaii USASDC U. Army Strategic Defense Command, now USASSDC USASI US Army Space Institute USASSDC US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, formerly USASDC USAV US Army Vessel USAWC US Army War College USB (1)Upper Sideband USB (2)Universal Serial Bus USC (1)United States Codes (Federal statute law) USC (2)Unified Space Command, now USSPACECOM USC (3)Up S[pit] Creek USCENTCOM US Central Command USCG US Coast Guard USCGA US Coast Guard Auxiliary USCGC US Coast Guard Cutter USCGR US Coast Guard Reserve USCS US Customs Service USCSIS United States Space Command Space Intelligence System USD US Dollars USDA US Department of Agriculture USELMNORAD US element, North American Aerospace Defense Command USENET "User Network," huge volunteer organization that propagates "News," not necessarily over Internet USEUCOM US European Command USFJ US Forces, Japan USFS US Forest Service USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service USG (1)US Gallons (about 4 liters) USG (2)US Government USGS US Coast & Geodetic Survey USIA US Information Agency USLANTCOM US Atlantic Command USM US Marshal USMA US Military Academy USMC US Marine Corps USMCR US Marine Corps Reserve USMS US Marshals Service USMTF United States Message Text Format USN US Navy USNA US Naval Academy USNG US National Guard USNO US Naval Observatory USNR (1) US Naval Reserve USNR (2) US Navy, Retired USO United Service Organizations USOS Unshift On Space USP University of the South Pacific (Fiji, classes by radio) USPACOM United States Pacific Command USPS (1)United States Postal Service USPS (2)US Power Squadrons USS United States Ship USSOCOM US Special Operations Command USSOUTHCOM U. style themselves as just yahoos YF CW brevity code: "Wife," more typically "XYL" YL Female voice ("Young Lady") YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (cardinal rule of HF) YMODEM Along with YMODEM-G, improved async file transfer protocol [~] Z (1)Zulu time, standard time on 0 meridian, like UT Z (2)Impedance (in ohms) Z (3)This message has FLASH precedence Z-80 8-bit processor chip, still made ZCPR3 Small Z-80 operating system, improved on CP/M, obsolete Police/CB 10-codes: 10-1 Your signals are being received poorly 10-2 Your signals are loud & clear 10-3 Stop transmitting 10-4 Your message is received ("Roger;" saying both is redundant) 10-5 Please relay 10-6 Station is busy 10-7 Out of service, radio off 10-8 In service, available 10-9 Please repeat message 10-10 Out of service, radio on 10-19 Go back to station/HQ 10-20 Location ("What's your 20?

JTF-6) JIATF-W Joint Interagency Task Force, West (inc.

JTF-5) JINTACCS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems JIT Just In Time (JAVA Compiler, proprietary to Sun) JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command (US) JIVE Jamming and Interception Vulnerability Estimator JJ Transmission is in Japanese JJ Joprep Jiffy (obsolete SAC weather report form) JJY Japanese standard frequency & time station [~] JMC Joint movement center JMPA Joint Military Postal Agency JMRO Joint medical regulating office JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System JOPREP Joint Operations Report JORN Jindalee Operational Radar Network (Australian OTH-B) JORN Jindalee OTH Radar Network JOSAC Joint Operational Support Airlift Center JOTS Joint Interoperability Targeting System JOVIAL Jules' Own Version of the International Algebraic Language, once used by USAF JP (1)Joint publication JP (2)Jumper (connection) JP4 Jet Propulsion #4 (military jet fuel) JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (lossy compression for pictures) JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA (NASA) JPNIC Japanese Network Information Center JRCC Joint Rescue Coordination Center JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center (Ft.

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