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Kjo webfaqe u krijua nga kerkimi i vazhdueshem i shqiptareve per nje piktakim mes tyre ne nje Chat Shqiptar! Cdo dite na vizitojne rreth 1000 persona nga te gjitha moshat. Deshiron dhe ti te marresh pjese ne komunitetin tone? Nuk kerkohet asnje rregjistrim dhe eshte gjithcka falas! Marrin pjese per te bere shoqe e shoke te rinj, duke u argetuar sebashku dhe pse jo per te gjetur shpirtin binjak. Mjafton vetem te zgjedhesh nje pseudonim ose emrin tend, dhe te futesh ne kanalin tone. Currently, you are looking at our chatters from Albania.You can browse Chat Hour members in other locations by clicking here.

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Your customers expect personalized service in every interaction. Comm100 makes it easy for your agents to know who’s who so they can respond with precision and care, making your customers feel welcome and valued.The easier it is for your live agents to pick up and resolve chats to a successful conclusion, the better they’ll perform and the happier everyone will be – you, your agents, and your customers.That’s why we’ve designed the Comm100 agent console for peak performance and usability.Eshte nje webfaqe e cila ju mundeson lidhjen mes shqiptareve anembane botes ne nje vend.Kjo webfaqe u krijua nga kerkimi i vazhdueshem per Chat Shqip, Njohje online, Biseda dhe argetim pa fund.

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