Celebrities dating nhl hockey players

While he is not yet prolific sharer, he has gotten started with about 20 photos [email protected]_ 18 photos 8,500 followers is one of the bright young stars in the NHL and the future face of the Boston franchise.

Did you know that you can follow some of the games biggest stars on Instagram?At only 21, he will be a mainstay for the Bruins for years to come.He scored 32 points during 2012-2013, ranking him 66th in the league.Ovi is also dating Maria Kirilenko, a Russian Tennis star who also won a bronze medal in Doubles, which doubles the fun in following him on [email protected]_caps812 photos 6,500 followers Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay Lightning) is a Center for the Lightning and a major offensive power in the league.For the second straight year, Stamkos finished with the second most points in the league and finished second in total goals. He is not yet sharing a lot of photos but he is such a great player it is fun to follow him.

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