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Once one little bit of DNA was off and running, evolution and exponential growth took over.Before we tackle the whole universe at once, let's consider Earth.Other life forms may be thriving in universes where we wouldn't last for a second, and understanding how would require us to re-learn physics from scratch.Contesting the argument from design is hard work, because to be most effective you need to know the going theories for whatever phenomenon is in assume design in the presence of alternative theories supported by substantive evidence is putting one's head in the sand and 2.

If there are multiple (perhaps infinite) universes each with its own set of constants, of course we're going to turn up in the universe with a friendly combination.

Someone might claim that God put Earth exactly where it needed to be relative to the Sun so that liquid water and therefore life could form.

We now know, however, that there are a lot more planets out there, and probably huge numbers of undiscovered ones.

Here's a sample of the many different ways in which the same basic question is posed: How did all the beauty around us come to be?

How did intelligent people come from monkeys, or oranges, or sludge, or nothing at all?

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