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The soufflé is a spectacle when the food runner says, “May I break this open for you to allow the steam to escape?,” but it tastes like a wet eggy cake and not much else. You have to think that it’s intentional, but you’re not sure why.The Godspeed film follows the story of a young American pastor whose desire to change the world grinds to a halt in a slow Scottish parish. He saved the world at a walking pace – a pace of knowing and being known. Wright, pastor Matt Canlis discovers how Jesus walked this earth at three miles an hour.“Enjoy your time,” he says in a way that could either be suggestive or sinister. Thank you for being here.” She’s definitely a robot.STAGE TWO: ARRIVAL Seven heads of Canlis staff whip around at once to see who just walked in the door wearing black Old Navy jeans covered in cat hair. You’re early for your reservation, so she shows you to the lounge, where the pianist is playing Taylor Swift in the style of baroque.If this were a movie, you’d be trying to escape at this point. You’re made it through the excessive niceties and you’re ready to eat your dinner as the gorgeous waterfront view changes color with the sunset. The Canlis salad has the exact amount of dressing that Paul Newman himself would have intended. That ebelskiver definitely would have gotten a resounding “JA! But let’s be clear: You don’t just want this food to blow you away - you want it to blow you out of your seat, through the roof 20 feet above you, and right into Lake Union, because you’re spending 0 before tax/booze/menu additions/ tip on this meal for two.

If you’re a person inclined to throw down for new food experiences, you deserve to do Canlis once.

But it’s extremely hard for us to take Canlis seriously.

In fact, Canlis makes us want to throw our heads back and laugh like people in probiotic yogurt commercials who no longer have to live with digestion issues.

Each session with Matt Canlis, Eugene Peterson, and N. (What originally brought Matt to Scotland was his wife Julie’s pursuit of a Ph D in Theology).

After winning awards for her book, she settled into raising four kids in Methlick and dove into the ordinary “school of the parish.” The joys and challenges of living an ordinary life in the presence of God gave rise to this little book, and is the lived theology behind Godspeed.

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