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She’s the one who protects us from the Big Bad Wolf, and the woman who lets us sneak candy before dinner time.A granny watches us after school and stays with us when our parents head out of town.So-called complete surveillance systems are sometimes used as granny cams, and usually include a digital video recorder, several cameras, and monitors.Similar to so called nanny cams that are used to monitor child care for small children, granny cams are used to monitor the care of vulnerable people who are sometimes unable to properly communicate with others.Proponents of this technology instead consider the granny cam a necessary tool to prevent and discover abuse.

Patients and their families would have to purchase and set up the equipment themselves, and then monitor the footage.See the mommies exposing their boobs and cunts at webcam hoping to get a dong to fuck!The ladies are caught doing dirty things in front of the webcam and they even fuck with the camera on!In this plan, a patient’s safety is contingent upon their ability to finance and install an expensive surveillance system.Many senior citizens in long-term care facilities (which are hugely expensive) can’t afford that.

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