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Super fan Mitch located the crew and creeped out one of the show members. Plus, a listener writes a very jumbled e-mail about being mad at Bubba. Tune in and find out A new motto starts at the BRN, however, not all members of the staff are paying attention to the show and one member of the staff aborts what would be a funny joke. Plus, a Brent Hatley concert turns into a Garguilo concert, as the boys go off the cuff and make of the President of Programming at the BRN.Plus, Bubba gets into an argument with a gas station attendant. Bubba gets an e-mail about a member of the show who was disrespectful during a movie premiere. Bubba takes a call from Joe who is listening to the show in Fort Walton Beach.Plus, a new show representative calls in who will now be handling affiliate relations.Bubba gets a phone call from Special Dave, the show's biggest and specialist wrasslin fan. Plus, is it gay to get another man to dress as a dog for ya? Which member of the BRN wants to die in a biking accident? Who wants to break their own neck orally servicing themselves? Plus, a BRN employee does a no-no and gets reprimanded by the man! Plus, an ex Tinder hookup is pissed at an employee at the BRN and decides to write Bubba about it. Gary Busey joins the show for an odd interview with Bubba the Love Sponge.The BRN participates in the billion dollar lotto jackpot, which leads to the conversation of what we'd do if we won, which leads to a conversation about whose smoked crack. Trace, Tuddle and Colton meet a listener to obtain a track hurdle.The listener turns out to be the weirdest individual you'll ever hear from.Find out when Bubba calls him to find out what the deal is. Plus, Bubba talks who he'd bully if he was a bully, even though he is a bully, but because he didn't actually bully the person he says he'd like to bully, he's not a bully so stop bullying him. Plus, a new Manson song parody to help raise Bubba's spirits after losing another affiliate.Bubba takes a call from Pep Talk Dave, a new character on the show who cuts on Tuddle. A BRN employee is accused of content sabotage, as it is unveiled that a truce has been made in the Fart Validation War between Tuddle and Trace.

Ned performs a Ned No Net Live, as a cover of Billy Squire's "The Stroke." Plus, will Gene Lasker help a disabled man achieve his dream of meeting Bubba the Love Sponge? And who thought he was going to explode while high on mushrooms and almost got shot by police? Looks like Jesus could've lended a hammer to the Romans to nail him to that "cross." Plus, Ned and Bubba talk breastfeeding!Plus, a BRN employee takes an airsofting for a K and N Filter. Bubba's interview with Stormy Daniels from 2007 makes CNN Headlines news, as it's revealed that she disclosed the relationship for the first time ever, anywhere, to Bubba. Intern Fran returns to the BRN and takes a call from someone asking for donations. Plus, Lasker performs live from the BRN sound stage to serenade his wife. A caller calls in with a racist joke, show he's not just an awful human being, but also an awful comedian.Here Bubba play the news and talk about his favorite thing: himself! A listener e-mails in with a special talent his wife can do with her nether region, so Bubba offers her a Magical Butter machine if she can do it live on air. Will Fran be honest with the caller and tell her the truth, that Bubba and crew are broke? Plus, Bubba role plays as Trace and calls PBR to challenge him to a White Trash Shock Collar Boxing Match!Plus, a clip from the Ned and Bubba show turns into the F**k Off show. Bubba hands the reigns over to Lasker, who opens and reveals packages sent to the BRN as a result of Bubba's Beggin'! During a drive to pick up his son, Bubba has an incident with his Smart Car that could've killed him. Plus, a man gets shot over the most ridiculous argument ever. Sick of the haters, Bubba launches a new way to punish his loyal listeners: Operation Fair is Fair. Giant Beetlejuice calls in live from the hospital where he is undergoing surgery.Plus, there's some weird stories involving g******s in the news and Bubba covers it! Plus, a woman complains to the news about an airline attendant comment about amount of breast milk she wants to bring on board a flight. His fiancee, Nina, gets on the phone with Bubba, and Bubba tries to barter with her to have sex. During the Deep Thoughts with Giant Beetlejuice segment, Giant Beetlejuice shows off his nasty toes, which had corns, until he and his wife shaved them off and one of their dogs tried to eat them!

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