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so in my english class we have to do this thing called membean which is like .

vocal training idk**vocab I wish it was vocal training loland it's timed but not in like the get stuff done fast timed like theyou have to do this for x amount of time no matter how many questions u doand we're supposed to do 30 minutes a week which is really not that badand our teacher only checks it every once in a whileand my teacher Mr wev told us he's checking it next Wednesday so I was like aight coolso I went and checked how many minutes I've doneand I haven't done ANY forthe past EIGHT WEEKSso I have FOUR HOURS of membean to do and I'm screamsmskidjfnf I literally hate myself it's so easy why don't I jus do my workso I don't have to do four hours all at once 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼so that's what I'm doing rn just sitting here.

So just kind of working on that, building up confidence with writing. I don’t know.” Later on it got better, with Spence and everybody me telling me, yeah dude, it’s totally cool, let’s keep going.

[Former guitarist] Ryan [Ross] was typically credited as Panic’s lyricist and chief songwriter. For the first month that we were writing I thought, I’m gonna be compared to whatever we’ve done in the past, and my lyrics are totally different.

And Ryan and Jon weren’t upset that you remained Panic? I know that happens to some bands—no, you can’t keep the name, ya jerks (laughs). Odd., when writing we were on the bus and stuff, we weren’t seeing eye to eye on how we wanted to go musically.

There was, like, a month or two where we didn’t talk to each other. We take the music very personally, and it was a totally musical decision that they wanted to go do something different with their band. That was carrying on for a while, and we saw these little signs.

But for the live show, we’re such sticklers, we want it to sound as good as it can, and we want it to be as cohesive as possible with the people onstage.You and [drummer] Spencer [Smith] don’t live in Vegas these days, right? It always feels like home whenever we’re there, and whenever we do go to Vegas it’s usually to visit family so it does feel like home. But Vegas is still so close to LA that we drive back constantly.Yeah, Spence and I had kind of moved to California, around LA, about two years ago. This album [, released March 22] took two years to make. It’s good to have more time out there to work on stuff, and we have some connections with people there.We were like, should we keep going or should we start our own thing now? And Spence and I were on the same page musically about what we wanted to do with the record. Because we don’t have four ideas to bounce off each other. I love ’em both, but this time I’m extra excited because they are my words.

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