Bone fish dating

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I've met a lot of cool people here in the forums and got a date or two from the personals. Please name one site that does not include those things also. Sending out identical emails to every single person will result in your emails being blocked after a few messages.

I haven't found my soulmate or anything, but as the title suggests, there are plenty of fish out there. Give it a chance here, you never know~ Is someone a loser because they hide thier identity? (this is what happened to the guy above, hense no responses)When you are in a very popular area, and a girl has tons options she will not respond unless you stand out.

One day my father pointed out the bonefish moving and tailing on the flats, we decided to start catching them also and this is where my love of fishing began.

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I agree with the other reviews This is a scam site.

I have emailed them, and they keep telling my account has not been closed, but I have and keep closing. Once you subscribe you can't stop them taking your money.

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