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Then we started chatting everyday but just small talk at first and then it started getting sweet then started getting romantic and I found myself thinking about this individual during the day as he was starting to consume my thoughts and I started having Daydreams about this individual with his image in my mind was romantic and he started sending messages and I was being consumed with it.

About 3 months into it he asked for water on the rig as their water is not safe to drink and he needed bottle water of about 200 cases shipped over and it was for his men he said.

Then I contacted the real man in the picture who is a business man in Fort Lauderdale FL and told him.

He said that many times his images were stolen and used by scammers.

I showed him a copy of his ip trace.said I would die - be killed. He never asked for money, I thought I was always a step ahead of him. I asked him about it and he said Arc Daniel was his nickname. That day, after I posted, I received 10 or 15 Friend requests. I will be paying payments on these accounts and will be trying to repair my credit rating. I would like to post a picture I saved to warn people. Attractive bald man with a beard, and Facebook accounts with 3 different names. In addition to posting here, contact a federal cyber crime agency and be prepared to give them as much information as you can, including emails. I also told my story to my friends and family on face book.

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So I went to the Twitter address and oh my God I found the images that the man had been using on me for many many months.It stinks because I had good credit until my scammer came along. I have had many friend requests and I have had 13 more since that try. He has only sent me one photo, that of "him" in what appears to be a restaurant or bar, balding, handsome, glasses, and a necklace.I'm a senior and was scammed 3yrs ago for the first time. His story is that of working on an oil rig, from overseas, has two kids that stay in the states with the nanny because his wife has passed away.So I went and shipped enough money to an agent to ship him 200 cases of bottled water for his men and after they received them these men were so so happy they were just singing happily drinking water on the rig because the water is no longer contaminated.A month later and he requested in and he contacted me and he said that one of his men did not Grease the crane and that it was broken and that he needed Parts shipped as soon as possible so he could complete his contract and him being an engineer he had to sign and extend his credit limit.

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