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Shi Tao had sent the email through an anonymous Yahoo! Police went straight to his offices and picked him up. officials, highlighting "State Secrets" as the charge against Shi Tao.The warrant requests "Email account registration information for [email protected], all login times, corresponding IP addresses, and relevant email content from February 22, 2004 to present." Criticism of Yahoo!The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco for journalists, Shi Tao, and Wang Xiaoning. stated that it supported privacy and free expression for it worked with other technology companies to solve human rights concerns.

The breaches have also put into question Verizon Communications's July 2016 plans to acquire Yahoo!

intensified in February 2006 when Reporters Without Borders released Chinese court documents stating that Yahoo!

aided Chinese authorities in the case of dissident Li Zhi.

In 20, Wang, who was an engineer by profession, posted electronic journals in a Yahoo!

group calling for democratic reform and an end to single-party rule. assisted Chinese authorities by providing information. In September 2003, Wang was convicted of charges of "incitement to subvert state power" and sentenced to ten years in prison.

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