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😶 - I see infographics literally ALL OVER social media that are 100% inaccurate and giving people the completely wrong idea of fitness.- How many of you have seen a post that says something along the lines of “LOSE BELLY FAT FAST” or “FLAT ABS IN ONE WEEK” that has animations of a bunch of ab exercises?Well, it’s going to take a philosophical change first and foremost.Understanding our biology and neurology is important.In order to normalize the hip position, the person may toe in or create a 🐤 pigeon toe posture. And they will favor a wider base or more toe turn in squats & deadlifts. It's beneficial to know which hip type you are as you don't want to stretch into anatomical limits 🙅. If not, why the double standard when you're standing on your mat?And because they have limited external rotation, a narrower base in squats & deadlifts will be often be preferred. If you don't walk or do anything in a straight line, why impose that in your yoga or when you teach?#alignmentbullshit #debunkthemyth #donotconform #bethechange Video by @beardthebestyoucanbe * * #functionoveraesthetics #functionalanatomy #functionalmovement #yin #yinyoga #yoga #yinspirationyinyoga #jopheeyinyoga #jophee For those who insist that alignment yoga is correct & keeps you safe, do you also spend your daily life walking like this?

It's anatomy gives more internal rotation & less external. The toes may spin out, creating a duck foot posture. #alignmentbullshit #alignmentyogamyth #debunkthemyth #humanvariation #skeletalvariations #skeletalvariationmatters #anatomynerd #noonesizefitsall #functionoveraesthetics repost via @jopheeyinyoga * * For those who insist that alignment yoga is correct and keeps you safe, do you also spend your daily life walking like this?

It is not as effective when you hinge from the hips. You know it’s out there and it hurts the potential of breastfeeding success for moms and babies. Maybe you didn’t realize it at the time and that’s OK!

#debunkthemyth We also learnt the principles of #tensegrity as applied to #yoga . Let’s help other moms become better educated to meet their goals 💙🤱🏽 💪 Yesterday morning KCU's Emma was working with the @bupa Eglantine Villa team in #Horton Kirby Through the marvellous Karen and Emily, at the residential care home for people with #dementia , #Electively Home Educating families are taking part in a cross-generational pilot project over 8 weeks.

As well as becoming @dementia_friends the children and their parents are working with the care staff to enrich the lives of those living there.

A lovely morning was had developing and building a Bug Hotel for the grounds. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this important project.

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