Barbie dating game

Help her get re...; Get a girl power look for Barbie inspired by Powerpuff girls and have fun playing Barbies Powerpuff Looks here!

Barbie is fangirling over Powerpuff girls for over some time now.

A super evil witch put some curse on her face, and she's going to give a payback to her. Help her cure all those awful things on h...; Barbie is a talented fashion designer and she loves her job!

She has been asked to design and create a line of uniforms for several job types.

Barbie is getting ready for a Beauty And The Beast themed party and she has...; In this new game you will be creating Barbies Villain Perfume by selecting your fav. Once done you will have to choose an outfit for Barbie which will be inspire...; Summer is here and Barbie needs many many new summer outfits!

She is planning to go to so many places, parties, and she needs lots and lots of dresses.

Barbie loves to c...; Barbie wants to see the world and she decided to leave everything aside and travel the whole year.

There are several countries, cities and places she wants to visit so she made a plan of reaching a...; Barbie, the talented fashion designer needs your help again!

She will be part of a prestigious makeup magazine with several makeup trends!

You can image how sad and depressed she is now, because they have been together for a long time and she is terri...; Which look do you like best? Barbie can't decide either and she decided that the best option is to try both styles. In this game you most create a makeu...; Dolls are always there for us, girls.

Your dolls are your best friends with whom you get to play any time that you want.

Barbie is always trying out the newest styles in fashion, so she really got inspired by studs.

...; Barbie is such a huge fan of Beyonce, she has been saving up for ages to afford going to one of her concerts and now, finally, her favorite artist will be performing in her city.

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