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This podcast attempts to explain the Who, What, When, Where and How of Ancient Indian Astronomy.

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Since then, the world witnessed gigantic leaps in Indian astronomy which brought India to her current position in space research.We wish to take this interest to the next level by participating in activities like this and also help others appreciate our universe better. Transcript: Hello and welcome to the three sixty five Days Of Astronomy programme’s hundred and ninth podcast. We are a group of friends from Hyderabad, India with an interest in Astronomy.Today’s Sponsor: This episode of “365 Days of Astronomy” is sponsored by Astrocamp Summer Mission of Idyllwild, California. 34 years ago on this very day, India launched its first satellite Aryabhatta. Its development in a Vedanga treatise, presumptively, had been necessitated by enciphering and subsequent preservation in memory of large astronomical tables and files of astronomical data, which reached us in the form of Veda-s (Data, Sciences), Tantra-s (couplers of astro-ethical manuals), Itihasa-s (exact astro-mythological socio-ethical poems) and Purana-s (astroencyclopedias). The code was created by means of Vedic Sanskrit, a special programming language.

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