Asian parents against dating

Spending huge amounts of time, effort, money and resources into raising somebody else' children is not mature nor wise. My parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to send me to the best private schools and an Ivy League school.That's a quarter of a million dollars that my parents could have put into their own retirement.You adopt a child and raise it as your own, are you going to tell me that Asians are not accustomed to adopting children?Three marriage proposals I got were after my divorce when my children were young. Btw, I had an Asian man try to date me when I was a single mom so, yes, they do date single mothers. The whole concept of "blood" goes out the window when you adopt children doesn't it?

Ask someone 25 what they think and then ask someone 35 and life experience will give two different perspectives.Sometimes, even people who are generally open-minded show their biases when they're faced with issues of diversity in their own family.This can certainly be frustrating and hurtful when the judgment is directed toward you and someone you care about.Thing is, she was a divorced mom with joint custody.Kid was with her 3 days of the week, and was with his dad 4 days of the week. Dad is a great father who loves his son so there was NEVER any "Oh, my and my kid" stuff going on.

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