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Please provide feedback – our future tweaks to Xerath will be influenced by your input. Xerath has been in development for a while and we feel reasonably confident in his core abilities and VFX. Then you talk about fights starting at range and turrets being ranged and last hitting being required, and yet here he are: Every professional team runs 2-4 melee champions like 90% of the time.

I do want to hear your concerns, but keep in mind, we are not very likely to dramatically change Xerath’s Q/W/E visually. Zenon the Stoic has kindly offered to help me with Xerath. With the pretty much sole exception of Vayne (who is as tailor-made to fight assassins/fighters as you can get), you never see a Marksman head into 1v1s.

Of course, a few older platforms can be thrown in the mix for a little retro appeal.

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Still good, to be fair, but these were pretty targeted nerfs. We recognize Galio has been brought largely because his ultimate is a big teamfight tool, so we made that tool more easily used. Â :Â There’s actually a big cycle that you need to realize. It’s really easy to paint a picture that fighters are the class that makes the world go round, and the game revolves around them. They will get out-bursted by most mages or assassins. Vayne beats Zed 1v1 if Zed actually tries to fight her.

I don’t know where that comment even comes from, TBH. I don’t really know what point you’re trying to make by saying, “Yep Phreak, Fighters build durability, snowball pretty hard, and win duels.” We’re sitting here stating how Fighters play.

Vous pouvez visiter des centaines de profils de gens de votre région et décider à qui vous voulez envoyer des messages si les informations et intérêts listés vous plaisent.Thank you guys, I am looking forward to letting you see a few iterations of Xerath before he goes live. No actual real-world evidence backs up your claims. Now maybe he’s TOO good at 1v1ing people and maybe that actually goes down at some point, but there was clearly a target in sight with those nerfs. And depending on where you start, you can paint the picture any way you want. If burst actually killed everything, there would be no point in tanks or fighters, because they would just die. Their durability eclipses burst damage, allowing them to ramp up and kill champions like Zed (Seriously, have you played Jax vs. Teams bring up crowd control and peeling in order to block off the fighter. Maybe an Orianna Shockwave and Grasping Roots from Zyra while our Vayne keeps hitting him. Maybe Marksmen get tools to evade because otherwise, they’d just die to Nocturne or Olaf every time. A scarce few can outplay heavily skill-shot reliant ones (Vayne can beat Brand pretty easily). 1v1ing is like the sole purpose of Vayne as a champion.Nous savons que les relations amoureuses peuvent être compliquées, tout comme les gens, c’est pourquoi les réponses à des questions posées hors contexte ne pourront pas vous aider à cerner une personne.Les rencontres en ligne sont la solution pour vous, alors foncez dès maintenant dans le monde excitant des célibataires en ligne !

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