Are christian borle and laura bell bundy dating

“Tweenboppers” rejoice: Legally Blonde has arrived on Broadway!

Shop, shop, shop to your heart’s content in the show boutique. Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Andy Karl and all the Legally Blonde gang will be around a while in the show that got almost across-the-boards positive reviews.

The good news is it does that -- thoroughly, delightfully so. She gave not-so-dumb-blonde as good as any of the greats, from Judy Holliday to Kristen Chenoweth.

Stepping into those spike-heeled shoes is Laura Bell Bundy, whose ditz credentials are in full order following turns as the original Amber in Broadway's "Hairspray" and replacement to Chenoweth's Glinda in "Wicked." Bundy may not have Witherspoon's radiant warmth (who does?

I know reviews are mixed into other threads but I thought it would be better to place them in a thread of their own.

From Variety: Legally Blonde (Golden Gate Theater; San Francisco; 2,400 seats; top) By DENNIS HARVEY Posted: Wed., Feb.

They're reluctant to allow someone to step outside the box they feel that person should be in.” Thinking "bend and snap" Paulette, played so indelibly on film by Jennifer Coolidge, was the perfect role, Orfeh became quite determined, “but they wouldn’t see me for a year. Some started to get it when I was in …Trailer Park.” Karl had been involved in Legally Blonde’s road to Broadway.

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Opening number "Omigod You Guys," the first of many effectively rousing interludes, has her equally squeal-inclined sorority sisters at Delta Nu athrall with anticipation for Elle -- because tonight is the night perfect boyfriend Warner (Richard H. Instead of popping the question, however, he pops her balloon.In the musical that officially opened last night [April 29] at the Palace, Orfeh, who’s stunningly, legally blonde, and the tall, handsome Karl play the irresistible “trailer trash,” hopelessly-in-love manicurist, Paulette Bonafonte, and the object of her manicured, pedicured lust, Kyle, the UPS guy.Their onstage chemistry is as strong as their offstage chemistry.The original was already virtual musical comedy minus the songs. tryout is already a genuinely likable, splashy crowd-pleaser that could prove grumble-proof come its May Rialto launch.It also sported a lightweight but sturdy plot that could lose little in translation; indeed, both the 2001 pic and its 2003 sequel were so formulaic that a tuner might stand a reasonable chance of improvement. This fuchsia fluffsicle, socked over by choreographer-turned-director Jerry Mitchell, might not win over those opposed on principal to the Hollywoodization of Broadway. The movies, inspired by Amanda Brown's comic novel, offered one simple hook (think "Born Yesterday" meets "Valley Girl") and routine situations singlehandedly redeemed by Reese Witherspoon's star turn as Elle Woods.

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