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Retrace the steps of Blackbeard and Henry Morgan at the former pirate capital of the world, Port Royal.

North of Uxbridge the canal flowed mostly through rural landscape, but from Uxbridge southwards the surroundings become increasingly industrialized, although there is some parkland nearing Brentford.

During the summer season, a passage-boat constantly plies to and from London, which is highly advantageous to the inhabitants. The writer does not distinguish between imports and exports, but grain and coal are likely to have been among the former, and flour the latter.

This town, which is governed by two bailiffs, two constables, and four headboroughs, is principally noted for its very great corn market, and for its opulent mealmen, who are chiefly Quakers, and are supposed to influence the price of corn in the London market: on the river are many powerful flour mills, and a vast deal of malt is made in the neighbourhood.

The principal articles of commerce on that canal are flour, grain and coals. A 50hp Gilkes water turbine supplied stand-by power using the 7ft head across the Town Lock where there is no shortage of water, for this stretch of the Canal is amply supplied by the River Colne.

Although William Kings Mill ceased working in 2001, its name lives on in the popular Kingsmill brand of bread.

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