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It stores them all in a huge database, and in every future conversation, its responses to questions and comments mimic past human responses to those same questions and comments.If, for example, you were to ask Cleverbot, "How are you?What I mean by this is a computer that has access to information on the scale of the Internet, in contrast to a human who, scratching his head, can’t quite recall what he just read last week in one of his medical journals.At 3 AM -- the bot will be as fresh then as we might be only after strong morning coffee at about 10.Last week, an artificial intelligence computer named Cleverbot stunned the world with a stellar performance on the Turing Test — an IQ test of sorts for "chatbots," or conversational robots.Cleverbot, it seems, can carry on a conversation as well as any human can.

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No human power differential will get you into their bed, hurt you, fleece you.

How have its programmers equipped it with so much conversational, contextual and factual knowledge? As the chatbot's designer, Rollo Carpenter, put it in a video explainer produced by Pop, "You can call it a conversational Wikipedia if you like." Since coming online in 1997, Cleverbot has engaged in about 65 million conversations with Internet users around the world, who chat with it for fun via the Cleverbot website.

Like a human learning appropriate behavior by studying the actions of members of his or her social group, Cleverbot "learns" from these conversations.

The genius behind Carpenter's technology is that he simply programmed ground rules that allowed Cleverbot to grow smarter and smarter on its own, like a maturing human.

We asked Cleverbot for its take on how this happens. Cleverbot: I don't really believe one can become "smarter." One can become more knowledgeable, but not more intelligent.

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