All star dating tips

For example, I once met a guy from Tinder for a laugh and some Tuesday night banter. Full disclosure: I "went all the way" with five of the more than 300 individuals I went out with.

There was obviously no chemistry between us, but I ended up driving him and his best friend from New York to Lake Tahoe a few days later—which yes, meant they spent several days hanging out in the back of my Mini. I definitely smooched a hell of a lot more, but not every kiss was a winner.

That Valentine’s Day, my Facebook status summed it all up: "Feb 14: You know how some people go out and wake up next to a really disappointing person?

Well, I just woke up next to a disappointing sandwich."Group dates are fun—especially if it’s your friend group, plus one date.

And if you and the guy aren’t into each other, maybe he’s a match for one of your single friends?

2, stopping by a nice couple’s table who were dining outside and had paper napkins to spare.

So I started to walk home, and from behind me, I heard him yell, "Kari!!!

" He ran up to me, dipped me like that V-J Day in Times Square photo, and gave me a Hollywood-style kiss.

Once, I went to meet a Tinder guy at a bar not far from where I live.

He was wearing a crewneck sweater with a big applique cat on the front, which should have been the first warning sign.

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