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It will reflect the certification area of your initial certification.This certificate is non-renewable, and you must next apply for a Professional certificate.Question: All teachers new to the state start with Initial certificates. But, after having held an Initial Certificate, and passing the National Board exams ( NBPTS), you will quality for a 10-year Master Teacher Certificate.The term "alternative certification" or "alternative route to certification" usually describes programs that do not have all the components of a traditional, pre-service teacher preparation program.As metioned on our Teaching in Alaska page, there are also concurrent changes happening due to ESSA (formerly NCLB) regarding accountability, "highly qualified" status and education standards.You will want to review those in addtion to the certification information contained here.Please note that Alaska no longer issues "emergency certification", nor does it allow anyone who is not certified to work as a teacher.You must either arrive with a current, valid certificate from another state, or be enrolled in an approved teacher preparation program in order to be certified.

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Question: If your Initial Alaska certificate has been expired for 12 or more months, but was valid for at least two years, then you would apply for an Initial/Reemployment Teacher certificate.Typically, distance education methods are used for these courses. For those interested in teaching Special Education to children with disabilities, in addition to meeting other requirements for teacher certification, no matter which certificate you apply for, you must already ahve an endorsement based upon completion of an approved teacher training program in Special Education.The main teacher certification types are as follows: It seems that many of the teacher certification changes proposed in December, 2015 are being phased in this summer, and over the coming school year.Teacher and administrator certification is more complicated than it appears in most states, and Alaska is no exception.With a series of recent changes to teacher certification in progress now, it's especially important to realize that we are not the "the experts".

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