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– Ben W His expertise and skills are fantastic and the way he customised his education to my needs and desires made sure that the skills were transferable.

A few weeks later those skills helped me with meeting my – Gavriel M Johnny is the best dating coach in the world, I have been with many mentors and he by far is the best! And we are spending the year travelling to South East Asia.

How you go with touching will also depend on the type of girl and this is where your intuition comes in and judging each situation on its own merits.

If you look at all of these people now where are they now…exactly where they were before and much more. because even know you lost the money you didn’t loose the lessons, the contacts and the knowledge it tool to get there.

When it comes to touching, again guys you have to pretty careful here, and is best to keep it very light and playful.

Light flirting is great, but nothing to heavy, the last thing you want her to think is she is out with a creepy guy.

Some useful seduction tips Most guys out there are looking for that secret formula for how to seduce a woman.

Some have this naturally whereas others really do need a bit of help and guidance on how to perfect this art!

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