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A decade ago, in the middle of the terrible 2007-09 bear market, some investors convinced themselves that bad days were becoming the new normal. As you ride out this current outbreak of volatility, keep two things in mind. You are investing for goals that may be five, ten, twenty, or thirty years in the future.

One bad market week, month, or year is but a blip on that timeline and is unlikely to have a severe impact on your long-run asset accumulation strategy.

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Investors effectively pay a lower average cost per share to obtain them.

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Volatility will always be around on Wall Street, and even when you invest for the long term, it can be difficult to tolerate it. Since the end of World War II, there have been dozens of Wall Street shocks.

Wall Street has seen 56 pullbacks (retreats of 5-9.99%) in the past 73 years; the S&P index dipped 6.9% in this last one.

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