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Even if I love the smell what's the point if I can't smell it after 1 hour. The package and bottle are really beautiful (although sometimes difficult to spray), the bottle is heavy, seems well made, beautiful color, he really likes it.

Probably it is reformulated and i wouldnt suggest to buy it and i wouldn't buy it again for sure.

While other times, the cherry is absent on the opening, replaced with a soft honey and resin scent. I haven't tried some of the more expensive examples because I get amazing compliments and reaction to Pure Havane.

I have experienced this difference on many occasions. I've tried Spice Bomb and and the usual Fall/Winter suspects and have found many to be either too burnt rubber, or trying to smell like Christmas potpourri.

It's really yummy that you want to bite the bottle. This is an awesome fragrance but it's like I can only wear it occasionally or my nose starts to turn on it. That's fine as I rarely like the same thing twice in a week but the second week I owned this I used it extensively and found myself just hating it after three days! It's strange but I can only wear this occasionally if I want to enjoy it. It could also be something I just now thought of: I quit smoking a year after I graduated college and after that I couldn't stand cigarette smoke or even the smell of cigarettes... It may just be subconsciously reminding me of a time when my clothes always stank of tobacco in some form or another.

It reminds me of snowy nights while I'm eating Cake and hot chocolate. The scent seemed to be everywhere as it had stuck to my clothes and the hamper was filling up the surrounding area with the smell. Whatever the case, still really like this one but that is one of the strangest experiences I've had in my fragrance wearing time.

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